My EMS Account – Pay bills

My EMS Account gives you a quick and secure way to pay your EMS bills and more. EMS is the best platform to pay Emergency bills.My EMS Account – Pay bills

However, Patients charged with an emergency medical bill can either make insurance claims or bill payments to check the statement details through this EMS portal.

The Emergency company renders medical service mostly for people who had accident and needs urgent health care. And also, for people who are very sick and needed an emergency attention.

Furthermore, When needs an emergency medical attention, it accumulates the billing statement and send patient address. The billing statement comes with the trip number and medical fees information.


My EMS Account Service

You can then make bill payments through the nearest money transfer center or the EMS online portal. However, paying bills through the My EMS Account portal is much more convenient and faster. Once you have an emergency service account you’re good to go. What you need is to login to your account and pay your bills. Nevertheless, this post will guide you on how to pay your bills.

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My EMS Bill Payment

To pay your bills, you need your EMS billing statement. Your billing statement contains your respective trip number. The billing statement can be accessed from your mailing address.

Also, once you log in to your billing account, you will neo need your credit/debit or checking/savings account details. Lets proceed with the steps on how to pay your bills.


How to Pay Your Bills Online

To pay your bills, follow this medium;

  • Go to My EMS Account online portal at Or
  • On their main page, find the account login tab and click on it.
  • Key in your medical service trip number. Go to your billing statement, this number is on the top right side of the billing statement.
  • Choose the ‘Submit’ button to continue.
  • On the fresh fill in the date of the journey. The date can be found in your monthly billing statement.
  • Type in the last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).
  • Tap on ‘Continue’ tab to access your billing info.
  • Next, after verifying the information, choose the mode of payment through which you wish to pay your bills.
  • Enter the account details and tap on ‘Continue.’
  • It will redirect you to your internet banking portal, where you have to verify your identity through OTPs
  • Then, confirm payment.
  • If you successfully completed the process, it will generate your bill receipt.
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EMS Account Login

When logging in, you need the following information on hand:

  • Your first Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Date of Service
  • Date of Birth
  • The Run Number (Located on your statement)

Customer Service Phone Number

If you have any issue regarding the payment process, you can send a query regarding your emergency service through the following procedure;

  • Navigate to My EMS Account bill payment portal.
  • Tap on the ‘Contact Us’ button at the bottom of the page.
  • A new page will pop up. Then, provide your personal information, the reason for contact, transport city and state, email address, and phone number.
  • Type in the query or complaint in the comments section and click on ‘Submit button. After that, you will be reached out to, regarding the issue you are facing.

For further information, please contact their Patient Customer Service Department at 800.814.5339.

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