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My Metro Claim is a worry-free wireless platform that offers affordable device insurance and mobile security, for T-Mobile customers. It also comes with Premium Handset Protection.My Metro claim - File A Claim

So stay covered with device insurance, protect your device incase of loss, theft and other unexpected events that might come your way.

With this platform, Insurance must be added to your device b 30 days of purchasing it.

However, T-Mobile insurance covers losses and theft, accidental damage, mechanical breakdown etc. To get started, enroll for the service by visiting their portal.


How To File A My Metro Claim

To file for a metro claim online, follow this corresponding steps;

  • Go to their website at
  • From the home-screen, select the “ file/track my d” tab
  • Next, key in your mobile or serial number
  • Navigate to the captcha box and check it
  • Finally, select the “submit” widget.

Find out where to find your serial number.

Find your serial number

You don’t have a serial number or you don’t know where to locate it?  Below are list of places to locate your serial number

  • Your purchase receipt
  • The original packaging of the device
  • Beneath the battery
  • Go to your settings
  • Dial: #06# to show the IMEI number

Filing Information Requirements

Here are the information you must provide when filing metro claim

  • Your phone number
  • Serial number
  • Provide your device make and model
  • IMEI
  • A brief explanation of what happened to your device. Also, include the date of the incident
  • Your contact details
  • Also, Your account PIN
  • Your security question
  • Lastly your mode of payment, for deductible.


How To File A Claim By Phone

If you don’t want to file a claim online, you do that by phone. How?  Customers can reach out to Customer Care by dialing: 1-800-316-2075. With this phone number you will be able to speak a customer care executive.


How To Check Your Claim Status

After filing claims is wise to go back and check its status. To check the status, follow this steps;

  • Go to your browser and visit
  • Tap on the “File/Track My Claim” widget
  • Input your phone number or serial number
  • Go through the security check
  • Click on the submit tab
  • Verify your number
  • Click on “Track my Claim” link
  • Type in your ZIP code
  • Then, submit

You will successfully track your claim with the above steps.


Register For My Metro Claim

If you bought the T-Mobile device, you can register your device at metro T mobile store.

What is the Claim limit? It allows up to 2 covered claims within the period of 12months. The period is based on the date of the replacement or first repair of not more than $1,500 each.

However, your claim will be terminated after it reaches its limit

List of items Covered

  • Standard battery
  • Standard Sim card
  • Device
  • A standard home charger


My Metro Claim Customer Service

To access the customer service support page, follow the guide below;

Ho to

Find the “ contact Us” button and click on it.

A query form will appear on the screen.

  • Firstly, choose your reason of making enquiry
  • Type in your name and email address
  • Provide your claim number
  • Next, enter your phone number
  • Then, write your queries
  • After writing, tap the submit box.

Also, if you want to speak t a specialist directly, call :1-800-316-2075.


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