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If you have received a message in your to apply for a loan by Plain Green Loans, this article is for you. This is what you should do. Use your promo card and begin the application process onlinewww.plaingreenloans.com/vip2reviews - Apply For Loan Online.

The offer is not for everybody. It is for pre-selected candidates. These candidates have met some financial requirements.

The loan can be used for some purposes. Such purposes are: unexpected expenses, credit card consolidation, home repairs, auto repairs, etc.

Plain Green Loans VIP2 Reviews

Have you been contacted for the loan? If you are interested, follow these instructions to start the application.

Visit www.plaingreenloans.com.vip2

There is something you must do before entering your promo code. Use your online calculator to calculate your loan figure. This will also include the breakdown of your payment terms, the interest rate and payment amount.

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You are to select either Bi-weekly or monthly

Select the loan amount you want to borrow through the drop down box. You will see the estimated terms of your loan. You must have some date before you begin the loan application. This will determine if you want to proceed. Take the following steps if you want to proceed with the loan application online:

  • Enter your promo code at plaingreenloans.com/vip2
  • Your promo code is on the message you received
  • Click the get started button

Enter the following personal information to complete the online application:

  • Loan amount
  • Funding type-electronic deposit or paper check
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Driver’s license
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Rent or mortgage your home
  • State if you a military veteran
  • Create login credentials

If you don’t have promo code, click the “Don’t Have a Promo Code” link.

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Get ready to provide the same information above.

Loan Approval Details

Once your online application at www.plaingreenloans.com/vip2 is submitted, you wait patiently. It will take few minutes for the loan to process. You will receive a notification of approval or denial. If approved, you will receive the money the next business day.

Specifically, here are some loan approval details:

Loans that are approved and accepted before 11:30am Eastern Standard time are given the same day. This is effective between Monday and Friday.

However, loans that are approved and accepted after 6pm will be given the following business day.

Who is Plain Green Loans?

Plain Green, LLC is owned by the Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy’s India Reservation they have a number of lenders that give financial aids and program to their client.

The maximum loan amount for the first loan is $1,000 but regular clients can get up to $3,000

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The payback time is from 10 to 26 months depending on the amount collected.

Requirements for Applying

The following are the requirements before you apply for an installment loan with plain green loans:

  • A job or source of income
  • Email address
  • Active and valid checking account
  • Residing in a state where Plain Green does business

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