TweakBox App for Android, APK, iOS – How to use Appbox free Download

TweakBox app is among the 3rd party apps used in downloading applications as many as possible that are not on the google play app for free. However, there are so many apps that are not found on Google play store which you can take advantage of. We all know how important the app market is important in our device. It gives us direct access to apps knowing full well that they are secure.TweakBox AppTweakBox App

With TweakBox, it is easy for us to download apps, games all for free knowing quite well that you can be charged on the app store.

This app also has android and iOS versions. So the app contains suitable features for both android and iOS users. Because it grants free app, iOS users don’t take the chance of not installing this app.

Benefits of TweakBox

This app provides many benefits such as free paid apps. The system has been set that you don’t have to pay for these apps when you get them through TweakBox. Many across the globe make use of this app as it is easy to download.  So you need to download this app to be able to make use of it.


How can I download the app? To download this app, you need to follow the below link not minding if you are an Android or iOS user.

The link is

During installation, install from the “Unknown source” click on settings >>security >> ‘unknown source’ option and then activate.

Features of TweakBox

Friendly user interface- the app feature one of the best user interfaces and nice control for navigation. It is easy to understand without having a deep read of anything. Once you hit the download button, you are done downloading.

It is dean free. The app is completely free and you won’t pay to use the app to download any app.

It covers a wild range of premium apps for download.

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It has apps categories

It contains flash apps that are not found in any of the app stores.

If you need screen recorders, movie apps, and music apps, this is the best place you can find them.

TweakBox App APK for Android and iOS

Tweak Box APK for Android provides all the available apps and as well games as you imagine for different categories. In other words, users can easily download apps and games as they want.  So you can find the app store category where you see apps that are on Google Play. On the other hand, you will see the second category known as the Flash App Categories. Over there is where you see apps that are not found in the play store.

How to Download the TweakBox App for iOS devices

  • Launch your Safari browser on your iOS device and search for the following link.
  • Double click on the downloaded file to install.
  • Tap on the download option
  • Then the file will download to your device.
  • Tap install
  • With this, you can start downloading all the paid apps for free
  • Ensure you clear your cache to avoid issues.
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Note: Use the app each time you want to download any apps. Note that this app works specifically for some set of iOS phones. In case you are making use of iPhone 7, 6, 5, & 4, iPad/ iPad minis, then you are eligible to make use of this app.

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