Wi-Fi Calling on Android | Free Wifi Calling On Android

Wi-Fi calling on Android is a voice service that can be used on Smartphones in other to enable users to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network instead of the use of a phone plan. Thus you can make calls without making use of any app or software.Wi-Fi calling on Android

However, calls can now be made directly from the phone book with the dial pad. Also, note that it is not all Smartphones that can be able to perform this task. Thus, having a Smartphone does not guarantee you the use of Wi-Fi calling; rather it is determined by your phone type.

Advantages of using Wi-Fi Calling On Android

  • Without an LTE connection, you can make video calls at ease.
  • Your phone can be used over the Wi-Fi network.
  • Making calls over abroad is made free, thus there are no extra charges over the network.
  • You can connect to another Wi-Fi to make calls.
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Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Calling

  • It is supported in HD supported devices. Thus, not all android phones are compatible with this service.
  • You get charged for the long-distance plan if the call goes beyond US contact. Thus this becomes not free.

How to Setup a Wi-Fi Calling on my Android Device

Once your phone supports the Wi-Fi calling, the only thing is to activate the Wi-Fi Calling on your device by following the below guidelines.

  • Move to your phone settings
  • Switch on Wi-Fi and try to connect to a Wi-Fi.
  • Move to the menu of your phone setting and select “more” tab just at the bottom of “wireless and networks”
  • Click on “Wi-Fi calling.

Now for you to know if your android device is compatible with this service, you ought to really move on to check on the model of your phone. Sometimes you can go over the internet and resolve the model of your phone. Thus this is quite demanding. While you can online, you can check with your Smartphone IMEI number.

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How to Set Preference for Wi-Fi Calling

  • Tap on more options when you navigate to phone settings.
  • Move down to and click on the “Wi-Fi calling” option. Note that performing this task does not mean that you are issuing a command for enabling or disabling the Wi-Fi calling.
  • Pick the “connect preference” tab.
  • This option ensures that whenever your device is connected to Wi-Fi, it will automatically make use of Wi-Fi calling instead of cellular network service. To activate this, select “Wi-Fi preferred”. There are also other options like “cellular network” which means that your phone will only use the Wi-Fi network for calls when the cellular network is not available. Also, you will see “Never use Cellular network” – when selected, your phone will only make use of Wi-Fi networks for calls.
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How do I know when Wi-Fi Calling is on?

To ensure or verify if your Wi-Fi calling is on, you can try this out.

  • Whenever you see notifications bearing the icon of Wi-Fi on your status bar.
  • Swipe over the notification to see the command that says “call will be made over Wi-Fi”.

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