Line App – messaging and calling app you could think of using

Have you heard about the Line App? Line is one of the best messaging and calling app you could think of using. It takes the same registration process as WhatsApp; therefore, your mobile number is needed. But then the exceptional thing about this app is that even though it operates like WhatsApp by using phone contacts to access friends, you can as well access your account on a PC via email.

Line App - messaging and calling app you could think of using


The line is a freeware app that grants instant communications on electronic devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, and PC. Just like every other communication platform, you get to exchange text, videos, audio, and images. Users are also enabled to conduct VoIP conversations and video conferencing.

The initial interface of Line was developed to be compatible with phones, both android and iOS phones. With time, the service expanded to BlackBerry phones in August 2012, down to Nokia Asha in March 2013 – Firefox OS in February 2014 – iOS tablets in October 2014, and then as a Chrome browser application. Wow! That is a whole of improvement.

For your interest, Line is free with a simple-to-use interface. Moreover, there are still other features that will interest you on this platform. So let’s get started with something.

Features of Line

  • Line is an application that works with multiple platforms and can as well be accessed on PC (Windows or macOS). it is as though this is the most important aspect of Line’s features
  • Line provides you with the opportunity to sync your phone address book just as WhatsApp does.
  • The QR codes is also available to enable you add friends either by Line ID or by shaking the phone simultaneously.
  • You can share images, videos and also music with your friends on this platform.
  • There are interesting stickers and emojis that helps you communicate faster in fewer words.
  • There is also a direct opt-out message box for communicating messages easier for users.
  • Users can set up a time for which they want a message to last on their chat wall. That is, you can set up a time for a message to be deleted for both you and the sender.
  • Line timeline permits you to post your pictures, stickers, text.

That is the much we can take, for now, the rest is better off experienced. So you shouldn’t take a chance to join this platform.

No doubt, this service offers users amazing features that can’t be found on most of messaging app. media files can be shared among groups.

Line Services

It is important you note some other services that Line offers. Here are there:

Line Taxi: Line offers these services within the app. it just takes you to get the standalone app for line taxi and then, you will need to link your payment account. Users can request a taxi and then pay for the service right on the app.

Firstly, Line Wow: Line wow services allow users to access delivery services for registered food or products and services.

Line Man: this feature is an on-demand assistant for food and messenger.

Thirdly, Line Today: it’s a news platform where you can count on for news.

Line TV: The line TV is a video-on-demand service, currently operating in Thailand and Taiwan.

Also, Line Pay: Line pay is a payment service that allows users to request and send money between users in their contact. It was introduced globally on December 16, 2014.

With Line app, you can make free calls and video calls from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, the app keeps in touché with the Line official accounts.

Line App Download

  • Open the App Store on your device.
  • Using the search bar, type in Line and hot search button.
  • From the list of results that will appear, click on the Line app at the top.
  • You get to see information about the Line app, simply go on and click on “Install”. Once it is done downloading, launch and proceed with the registration process.


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