THE GOOGLE DUO CHAT APP – Google’s Own Video Calling App

GOOGLE DUO CHAT APP  – This is Google’s own video calling app. It comes pre-installed on many latest Android devices. It is also available for iOS, on the web, on Chromebook, and Google Nest Hub Max. GOOGLE DUO CHAT APP supports up to twelve participants in a group call.THE GOOGLE DUO CHAT APP - Google's Own Video Calling App

Setting up Google Dou for Android and iOS include:

  1. Firstly, Download and open the Dou app for iOS and Android
  2. Secondly,Tap I agree with iOS devices or Agree for Android to the terms of service and privacy policy. Tap Give access to allow Google Dou to access your device’s camera, microphone, and contacts
  3. Thirdly, Enter your phone number into the given space and tap Next. A verification code is sent to you via text
  4. Enter the verification code into the given field to finish setting up your account
  5. To customize your settings, tap the three dots in the top right corner, tap Settings from the drop-down list. From this, you can optionally
  • Turn Knock Knock on or off: When this is on, people who you call will see a live video of you as you call them before deciding to pick up.
  • Turn low-light mode on or off: This has to do with adjusting or optimizing your calls under appropriate light conditions
  • Limit mobile data usage: When this is turned on, Duo lowers your connection to IMbsp when you cannot connect to Wi-Fi
  • Turn notifications on or off: This keep notifications on to take calls
  • See blocked users: This keeps a running list of people you have blockedGOOGLE DUO CHAT APP
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To make a group call with Google Dou entails

  1. Tap create group
  2. Tap the checkbox beside the contacts you want to add to your group and tap Done
  3. The group will be created and you can tap the blue Start button to call every member of the group
  4. Tap End call to end a group call


You can send a message to someone if they missed your call on a one-on-one call. This is done by

  1. Tap Message
  2. Tap the red button to start recording a short message up to thirty seconds
  3. A preview of your message is shown, once you start recording. You can also record a message quickly by swiping down from the main tab. After you record your message, you can choose who you want to send it to.
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This is achieved by

  1. Firstly, Open the Dou app and tap search contacts
  2. Secondly, Contacts already on your Duo will be displayed. To call someone who isn’t yet on your list, enter their phone number in the given field
  3. Tap Video Call in the bottom middle of the screen to call. To call someone without going on video, tap Voice call
  4. Lastly,Tap End call to end the one-on-one call.

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