Slack messaging app – puts you together with your work team

Although you must have not heard about Slacks messaging app but, it is used by most companies as a messaging app. However, this could be your best opportunity to give this a trial. Stay connected for a productive review on Slack. Slack still puts you together with your work team irrespective of your locations and not just that, it gives you a productive service.

Slack messaging app - puts you together with your work team


Slack really supports the channel of teams other than inbox as it helps you share with your team your progress and the purpose of the project you are on. You really do not want to miss out of this excitement. Check out for more details on Slack’s review.


Slack is a proprietary business communication platform developed by Slack Technologies?  it enhances workspace and then, helps you to organize communications by channels for group discussions and also for private messages, to enable sharing of files, information, and others. You can’t think less other than making use of slack for your company’s teamwork.

The app can function with a host of the other apps you are using to help you manage your workflow under one platform, Slack.

Features of Slack

Slack is simply an API platform with so many other features you will like to hear about. So let’s get started.

Slack offers IRCstyle features such as the chat rooms organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging.

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As a user, you can simply add emoji to compliment your thought in a conversation. you have the grace of 10,000 recent messages to be searched or viewed. In other words, we consider the above features to be a minor feature of Slack, therefore, we should move with the essential features of the Slack messaging app.

essential features of the Slack messaging app

API: this platform provides an API for users to create applications and also automate the process by sending automatic notifications based on human input. Slack API is compatible with many apps, frameworks, and services.

The Team feature: The team feature on Slack allows you to create groups, communities or any form of group to reach a common goal or workspace. However, in order to create a team, you as the team admin have to send invitations to your team member to enable them join the group. it can also be a URL.

Slack as a messenger app: You can communicate with public channels without the use of email or group SMS. However, as a member of a workspace, the public channels are open. Even to private channels, private channels are enabled for private conversation between smaller subgroups. Aside the channels (Public and private), users can still send private messages to specific users via the Direct message. These messages can contain up to nine people, which means that they can start up as a private channel.

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The Integrations feature: Slack messaging app is built to integrate with many third-party services and also support community-built integrations. Services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Heroku, IBM Bluemix, Trello, etc can be integrated with Slack.

Note: Slack platform is now compatible with the iOS and Android users in addition with its web browser users, desktop clients for macOS, Windows, and Linux. This can be featured on Apple watch as well.

Uses of Slack

This app can be used for so many things as follows:

  • Share and edit documents, and meet with the right people.
  • Message or call any person within the team.
  • Organize conversations with topics.
  • Customize your notifications in order to regulate your attention.

You can possibly see that you can make work easier with Slack.

Download the Slack App

You can easily download the slack app with the following steps:

  • Launch your phone’s app market.
  • Quickly, type in slack into the search bar at the top of the page and wait for the result.
  • Click on the first Slack app for the download page to open. Then click on the download.
  • when it is done installing, open, and proceed with the registration process.


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