Sign up SnapChat with Email without Phone Number

An easy way to sign up Snapchat is with Email without Phone Number is here. You can sign up Snapchat with email without phone number supposing you don’t want to create a account via phone number.Sign up SnapChat


Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing networking sites having more than 500 million users. There are always 1000 plus individuals in different parts of the world that download Snapchat daily. If no other feature interests you, not when you talk about the camera. Snapchat camera allows you to capture destructive photos; its camera editing features help you to transform yourself into another form. This is fun to be part of.

You really may have seen photos of girls with a dog’s tongue or even pussy-cat beard. These are some worth kind of destructive images that you get from Snapchat. Though, you can snap with involving those sorts of features.


There is more to just a special form of camera. Snapchat supports the largest networking platform where you can meet and mingle with new friends. Over the chat periods, you can share quickly, your photos and videos as well to your friends and group.

But do you want to enjoy this? You must have been enticed! The whole drama is for you to Sign up to start enjoying yourself. Over here, we are interested in signing up with your email account. SO let’s get started.

How to Sign Up SnapChat with Email without Phone Number

Though you can use a mobile phone number to sign up anyways! We choose to teach you another way which is via Email. Let’s see how we can do that.

  • With your web browser, log on to or launch the app after you must download from Google play store or app store.
  • Provide your name.
  • Hit Open.
  • Now you are on the account creation page.
  • Key in your first and last name in the provided space.
  • Provide your date of birth. Note: You are eligible to use this platform from 13 years and above.
  • Choose a user name of your choice and password.
  • Skip the option for a phone number if you are ready to use your email.
  • Now, key in your email address and wait for verification.
  • Copy the verification code sent to your email and then paste it into the provided space.
  • Go through the policy and then hit on sign up.

Now allow Snapchat to access your media, contact, camera, etc. here we are done!

How to Sign up Snapchat with Phone Number

Here we are for the normal way to sign up. Just for easy recovery, you have to initiate your phone number or email in, for the registration process. Here is the easy way to sign up.

  • Open your browser or launch the app if installed on your device already.
  • Click on sign up and enter your name
  • Proceed to enter a username of your choice, password, mobile phone number and also email address
  • Verify your mobile phone number and tap on sign up.

This is it.  You can now start enjoying your new Snapchat account. use the comment box for help.


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