Patient Portal – What is a Patient Portal?

A patient portal is an online website that allows patients to conveniently be attended to their personal health information at anytime, anywhere. This will be supported by an internet connection. It operates 24/7 and capable to discharge patients’ health information. All you have to do is to get your secure username and password, log in and view your personal health information. This helps you to stay in contact with your doctors.Patient Portal

Patient Portal Login

How do I get a secure login and password? This is very simple. Your physician is at the pace to give you a secure Login and password to access a patient portal. Here is a hint of what you can view and as well as print:

  1. Lab test results.
  2. Allergies
  3. Doctor visits
  4. Physician instructions and appointment notes
  5. Prescription information
  6. Discharge summaries
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You can be in control of your health and care via the patient portal. Patient portals could help you to save your time for other appointments as you can access it anytime. Some of this patient portal can allow you to interact with your doctor via messaging, schedule non-urgent appointments, request prescription refills, make payments, view educational materials, and update contact information.

Patient Portals and Healthcare Policy

To improve and encourage people to turn on to using Electronic health records (EHRs), the federal government initiated a policy that every health care provider could adhere to. This is was tagged “meaning use”. The adoption of EHR technology and patient portal is for reviewing EHR is to qualify for incentive programs.

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The policy has always been upgraded. As per 2011-2012, the program observed data capture and sharing. In 2014, they initiated that at least 50% of the patient should have access to their HER, and five percent to view, download and transmit healthcare information and as well submit secure messages to their health care providers through a patient portal.


In the long run to meet these requirements and to provide value to their patients, complaints arose as reported by physicians. These are;

  • Some reported that they had a limited understanding of how the technology works.
  • It is difficult to convenience patients to use the portals.
  • Some took hold that patients are irresponsible towards handling their health care without constant persuasion.
  • Some had no idea of how beneficial the portal could be in helping them.
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Just like I said earlier, the number one benefit of using this avenue is the convenience it offers and privacy to your health care.

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