LA Fitness Employee Portal – Employee Self-Service Portal

Do you know that there is now an employee Self-Service Portal for LA Fitness Employees? The Employee Self-Service portal was designed to help LA Fitness workers gain access to their payroll and give them their benefits details. The website is It is open 24/7 and state employees can access it from whatever location they are as long as they have a phone, laptop, or tablet with an internet connection. However, they will need a User ID and Password to access their online accounts. Employees can view their time and attendance, pay stubs, and personal details in their accounts.

LA Fitness Employee Portal

To access your payroll account

go to If this is your first time on the website, click on the Register Now button. Create a User ID and Password to access your payroll details. Also, answer short questions to verify your employment as an employee of LA Fitness. After the verification, your profile will be created and you can log into the Self-Service Portal anytime.

After logging into your account, you can do a lot of things like viewing your past and current payroll details, OT hours, wages, benefits, deductions, view leave balance, view W-2 information, view training history, announcements, and lots more. When it is time to get paid, employees can view their pay stubs in their pay area section. They can even view their pay stub details up to 3 years back. Employees can use the Pay Area section to make changes to tax withholdings. During the tax preparation period, they can view this from their accounts and even print it. This is far better than waiting for it to come through the mail. There is nothing like having all your work details right in the palm of your hand.

Other Details include:

When you have access to your entire employee file, you can easily retrieve any information you need at any time. It as well keeps you abreast of all your work schedules and company events. If you have any challenges, you can call the Payroll Representative to have it sorted out. You can get the number in the top right corner of the page.

From your LA Fitness Employee Portal, you can monitor your pay file online without depending on the Human Resources Department.W-2 forms can also be obtained from the portal at the beginning of the year. Even former employees of LA Fitness can access the portal by clicking on the Former Employee link on the home page. This will help them to view their previous employment details. To access their accounts, they will supply the last 4 digits of their Social Security number, the first 4 letters of their last name, and their date of birth.

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