Get Your Own CCSD Employee Self Service Portal Login Now

There are times you receive your paycheck and it looks as if it is over-deducted and below what you were expecting. You feel you worked too hard to deserve so little. How much was deducted and for what?

Well, in order to avoid such frequent calls of aggression, many companies have come up with a great solution which is called the CCSD Employee Self Service Portal Login.

CCSD Employee Self Service Portal Benefits For Employees And Employers

CCSD Employee Self Service Portal login at not only makes the life of the employees easier by letting them know the statistics of their pay but also at the same time reduces the amount of work that the employers have to do if they have to give the pay manually to every employee.

The best thing about this login is that by logging into it, you change already entered information and also add information to it at the same time. The employers add your information, and you can view all the information that is related to the payroll you are having along with the other benefits.

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You also get to see the information related to the leaves and the amount deducted in that term as well. However, your employer needs to be registered with the portal before you can access the portal and all advantages it comes. Access is only granted to authorized personnel.

Benefits With The Tax Statements

After logging into the CCSD Employee Self Service Portal at, you can retrieve all the information that is related to your taxes. Now, you do not need to remember all the information all the time.

Rather, all you need to do is to add it up to the portal and you will be able to view it or change it whenever you want. The status of the tax, as well as the withholding, can also be changed whenever the need arises.