The best music videos and audios can be found on YouTube. These digital and audio videos are streamed on the website. There are cases however when a person may want to listen or watch these clips later without the internet.  This can be done by applying certain offline and online techniques. When converting videos from YouTube, downloading them is against YouTube’s terms of service and potentially a copyright infringement except you have permission from the copyright holder or the video is in the public domain. YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND AUDIOS OFFLINEBEST WAYS TO PLAY YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND AUDIOS OFFLINE

Some of the best ways to play YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND AUDIOS OFFLINE include using the following:

YouTube Downloads or Recorders / YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND AUDIOS OFFLINE

Firstly, these are standalone software programs that help towards downloading or recording YouTube videos to computers and mobile devices. They can be employed in taking media streams from YouTube and turning these into files to use offline. Some of the applications have the ability to extract just the audio part from a YouTube video, thereby creating audio files mostly in MP3 format.

Some of these standalone software programs include:

Firstly, Audials Lite:  This is an application that has the capacity to record media streams from YouTube and then play them offline. You do not need the internet to view such recorded files.

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Secondly, MP3jam: It can be used for creating audio-only files in MP3 format. Such a format is used on portable players.

Thirdly, YouTube-dl: This software program can download any video from YouTube and other similar sites. The videos are automatically downloaded via URL. The program is a writer in Python language, and so can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


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Open the YouTube app on your phone and enter the search keywords for the video you are looking for.

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You can find a video for just about anything on YouTube. It’s great if you want to learn a skill or watch cat videos all day long.

Offline Converters or Extractors

An offline converter helps in downloading videos into various formats suitable for different devices. Some of the common formats include MP3, MP4, MPG or MWV. The free applications that can be used for offline conversion and extraction include:

VLC Media Player

Also, they have built-in tools that help in converting between audio and video formats.

AOA Audio Extractor

It extracts the digital audio from video materials, converting them into audio formats like MP3, WAV, and FLV.


This free software program is available for multiple operating systems and can convert videos into several formats including FLV. The program is very powerful, however, its interface could be difficult to navigate for some persons, especially beginners.

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Online Converters

Lastly, these are web-based converters that can extract audio from a video. One example of an online converter is the ClipConverter. The CLipConverter has a wide range of video formats. These online converters are referred to as cloud-based.

Generally, Any Video Converter Free is considered one of the best online video converter out there. It is free and allows you to convert video from your desktop to a format of your choice and you can save videos from the most popular video hosting sites.