Google Play Store:  Complete Your Play Store App Free Download For Android Device

Are you an Android user? Then Google play store app should ring a bell in your ear. This article will give you a comprehensive guide on how you can complete your Play Store App Free Download for your device.

Most times we run into a situation where we will need to download and install Google Play store app in our devices. This could be the reason that your phone was formatted, your current Google play store app stopped working, or it could be that you want to update the present version of your Google Play store.

Lots of reasons could prompt you to want to carry out Play Store App download. I will like to spell it out here that you cannot download Google play store app using same Google play store. All you can do is update the current version.

Let us say you ran into a situation where you mistakenly deleted your Google Play store app or you are instructed to download lower version than the one you are using, then, you will certainly need to carry out Play Store App Free Download using the guides we are going to show you below.

How to complete Play Store App Free Download in your Android Device

To download this app means you are going out site the secure zone to get a vital app as this. What this means is that you will need to disable the Secure download option before you can download and install an app from the external website.

How to disable Secure Download On Android Device

  • Go to your Android Phone “Settings’
  • Click on the ‘Security button’
  • Locate the ‘Unknown Sources’ button and click on it.
  • This click will automatically disable your security restriction that prevents you from downloading and installing an app from external source.

With this done, you can now go to reliable sites like Softonic or Cnet to download the version of Play Store App Free Download that you want.

Click on the app and install in your device. With the installation complete, you can now visit and run you new Google Play store, log in your email username and password. With this, you can now access play store market for the download of all the latest apps and games that are built for your device.

I will still remind you here to go back to your settings and security to enable the protection that stops your download and installation from Unknown Source. Follow the step above to get that done.

Hope this article was a help and useful? If you are having any other issue on how to complete your Play Store App Free Download, feel free to notify us using our comment box. Thanks for your time.


Google play store allows all android users to access and download all content that Google have to offer. You can download your favorite Game, music, Millions of Apps, it is a digital library and house fopr video clicks download.

How to Download An App of files from Google Play store

You can download any types of digital files from this portal by key in the key word or name of the file in the search box. You can also search for file using category. While some apps are free, others may cost you some bulks. You can purchase and download this app straight to your device (Phone or tablet) and complete the installation too.