FileZilla – How to Download and Install FileZilla | How to Upload and Download Files Using FileZilla

FileZilla – is a file transfer protocol and it is the best of its kind. As though you may wonder what made this best of its kind. But you will get to know more about FTP. This FTP which is also regarded as FileZilla is a file transfer protocol used as an intermediary between a client and a server. Luckily enough, you are going to look at how to install and use this software.FileZilla

According to Wiki, this is a standard network for file transfer between server and client. However, if you are a website owner and you desire to attain a good interface between your server and client, you should not overlook this.

Never forget that running this software over your site could take as much time as possible. Though there is a group of websites today that is managed by a group of the team this won’t take so much stress from you as a single manager of your own site.

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This is the process that will take through how to upload and download files easily. Thus, there are so many other platforms just like FileZilla but we can bet you that none is as efficient as the FileZilla platform.

Basic Features of FileZilla Platform

FileZilla is a software programmed for upload and download files from your hosting server. Furthermore, there are several other purposes of this platform which includes editing of files and then save the changes. This will put a stop to downloading files manually from your hosting server as this platform takes charge of speed and accuracy.

Some other basic features include;

  • It supports the transfer of large files.
  • It supports drag-and-drop feature.
  • It is made available in 47 languages.
  • Supports IPV6, which is the latest version of IP.
  • Ensures secure password storage which is as well protected with a master password.
  • Supports Bookmarking for easy and direct access to the most frequently used files on your site.
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How to Download and install FileZilla

This software can only be compatible with the following group of devices as it allows you to download and install the software. They include Mac, Windows, and Linux. Having these devices will grant you access to downloading FileZilla. Visit to install it.

Steps to connect FileZilla to your Website

  1. If you have installed the software, launch the FileZilla software on your desktop.
  2. Select the new site tab.
  3. Key in a custom name for your website and then a hostname.
  4. Set up the Logon type to normal.
  5. Key in your username and password. Assuming you have Panel with your Hosting, you can use the Login details though it works with FTP access.
  6. Click on the connect button.

How to Upload and Download Files via FileZilla

To download files from your server via this tool move to the file that you want to download, right-click on the file and select download. The same principle is applied to uploading files. Locate the file you want to upload and right-click on it. Click on upload. Same as when you want to edit it. You will be able to find the edit button when you right-click to view the edit tab from the menu.

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