Advertisement  – Mobile Advertising  – Meaning

Otherwise known as an ad for short, advertisement simply means promoting a product, brand or service to a viewership to attract interest, engagement, and sales. Advertisements do not come in one format, but have many forms ranging from copy to interactive video, and has currently evolved into becoming a crucial feature of the app marketplace.Advertisement

Ads are paid for, and the ad creator has total control over the content and message.

Importance of Advertisements

They are a guaranteed medium of reaching an audience. Once you create an engaging ad and spend enough for it to reach many users, advertisements can have an immediate impact on business.

What In-App Ads Look Like

In-app ads are displayed in various formats like text, banners, push notifications and pre or post video ads. These video ads are usually about 10 – 15 seconds long (even though they may vary) and normally showcase the product within that time.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is currently the trending word on almost every lip these days and is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your potential customers. Mobile advertising is a whole new field that differs a lot from the traditional concepts of ad making.

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Currently, marketers use a wide range of sophisticated options to create user-friendly mobile ads to boost a brand name and generate higher revenues. In simple terms, it is the type of product/service advertisement technique that you see on your smartphone.

Mobile advertising comes in different formats like text-based ads, banner advertisements, videos or even as mobile games. These ads are optimized to fit into a smaller display area.

Currently, mobile advertising has become an essential part of mobile marketing that uses traditional techniques and strategies to collect data. This may include consumer profiles, demographics, habits, preferences, etc.

Media advertising has gone ahead to replace the use of posters, banners in reaching your markets, but rather leverages on the popularity of smartphone devices to help you reach a bigger market audience.

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Othernotablebenefitsof mobile advertising is the surge in customer engagement rates, cost-effectiveness, personalized consumer relationships as well as social media friendliness.

Types of Ads Format

Interstitial Ads

These are ads that offer a full-screen experience and can be used to avoid ‘banner blindness’ when users are accustomed to seeing banner ads that they no longer take notice of. This ad format can also be expandable (referred to as expandable ads), which begin as regular banner ads before taking up the whole screen.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads display an image and wait for users to view, click and convert, making quality graphics as well as a compelling call to action (CTA) essential components.

Native Ads

Here, you have ads that are designed to match the environment in which they are placed.

Payable Ads

These are ads that let you try before you purchase. This offers users a limited look at an app offering highlights that should push users to install. With payable ads, users can gauge their interest before purchasing the app and this ad format can be used to reduce app uninstall rates.

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Video Ads

Video ads are advertisements that come in a video format. These are a popular brand of advertising method owing to their high engagement with high click-through rates (CTRs).

Advertising is now the “new market” and has also become one of the tools businesses use if they are to succeed and stay afloat in business.

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