What’s the meaning of SMH – What Does SMH Mean, and How Do you Use it?

What’s the meaning of SMH – What Does it Mean, and How Do you Use it?

What’s the meaning of SMH

The question all along had been what’s the meaning of SMH? The abbreviation “SMH” has been around for a while and you will often use it when something is obvious, plain old stupid, or disappointed. Most times this is often used in chat rooms and on social media websites. But over here, we will be talking about what does SMH means and who came up with it, and then how to use it.What Does SMH Mean

“Shake My Head” or “Shaking My head”

SMH is internet in the abbreviation of the phrase shakes my head or shaking my head is used to express a whole lot about negative thoughts which might come as a result of disappointment or disbelief. In real life, it is more of facial look expressions.

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Just as you think, SMH is mostly used in situations where you might actually shake your head in real life. So, therefore, whenever this happens online, the expression “SMH” can be used to communicate that “I had a full-body reaction to sheer your stupidity without more than three letters.

Etymology of SMH

SMH was first added to the Urban Dictionary in 2004, having similar meaning to the current meaning and usage. This has partially made its way into the common vernacular. As of the time of “facepalm” SMH was initiated which has no trace of origin. Both were first uploaded to the urban Dictionary in the same month. The pick of its trend started as of June 2011 and then grows less but popular every year.

How to Use SMH

I consider telling you to use SMH whenever you might physically shake your head. There aren’t many grammatical rules to using SMH either. Sometimes, you can decide to use it at the beginning of a sentence or at any part of the sentence too. Or even make use of the phrase itself.

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If the internet causes your head to shake in a fit of confusion, this is should be a reason why you should start learning about some common internet jargon, trends, and jokes. Like I mentioned jokes, you can actually make use of this while you catch fun and make yourself happy.

Sometimes, it can also come as GIFs that try to relate SMH meaning to the content. So, therefore, if you want to make use of such, you can locate and drop them into Twitter, a messenger, or even as a text to a client.

I hope that answers the question what’s the meaning of smh? Thanks for your time.


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