HMU Meaning – What Does HMU Stand for?  – HMU Acronym – HMU Def

HMU Meaning – What Does HMU Stand for?  – HMU Acronym – HMU Def

HMU is a popular internet abbreviation. You’ll see it used in many online situations, but most people don’t know what it means. Here we will discuss what HMU Meaning means and how to use it as well.HMU Meaning - What Does HMU Stand for?  - HMU Acronym - HMU Def

What Does HMU Mean?

HMU is an abbreviation that stands for “hit me up.”  Majorly, this phrase is used to let someone know that you will call him/her for a reason or make plans for the future. It is a quick phrase but is full of meaning and can be understood by anyone who is conversant with online social interactions.

For instance, you can use this in cases like “HMU when you are ready. But this can mean something else depending on the context of the previous interaction. HMU can be used in social or informal business circles.

To some people, HMU can mean that someone asked them for something such as money or even for a date. Stuff like “He HMU demanding for Money or “He HMU for a date. Well, the usage of this abbreviation relates to the definition of “Hit up” which is used to convey the request of something from someone. This is quite common in our real world.

It actually worth it to say that “hit up” also means you that you want to go to a certain place. You can meet an arrangement with your friends to “Hit up” the African dish bar. But in this context, it does not have abbreviation so we will bounce back to what we have.

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Etymology of HMU

The phrase all started from the 90s hip-hop culture. During that decade, many people made use of one-way pagers to communicate with each other. While talking about communication, it does not actually bring out the right word because they had no device that we’re able to receive text-based messages. Instead, they received numbers.

Someone would call your pager from his phone and then your pager will light up and make an audible sound “beep”.  The phone number that paged you will appear on the screen so you could call the person back. You may wonder why this story came about, but let’s see the secret behind this.

HMU Meaning

What Does “HMU” Mean, and How Do You Use It? – How-To › what-does-“hmu”-mean-…

What It MeansHMU is the abbreviation for “hit me up.” It’s a quick way to tell someone to contact you or make plans in the future.

What does HMU mean? – The Daily Dot › unclick › what-does-hmu-…

HMU is a quick way to say “hit me up”, but as this article explores, it can be taken several different ways. So what does HMU actually mean?

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What does HMU mean? on Instagram, in Text, on Facebook › blog › what-does-h…

What does HMU meanHMU stands for Hit Me Up = Call Me!, ‘HMU for a TBH meaning?, ‘HMU vs HML’, ‘HMU with plans meaning

Hmu – Urban Dictionary › define › term=HMU

HMU. It is abbreviation for “Hit Me Up”. It means that you want that somebody calls you or texts you an SMS. Also, this was the most popular Facebook status …


This “Hit up” came about from the specific rules of paging. Most Rappers also made use of this phrase in hundreds of popular songs and it began to make more sense. In recent times, we notice that the phrase is almost related to cell phones, which is clear as the modern version of pagers.

In case the above history was not clear, this is a brief prove as it may interest you towards Dictionary. HMU first appeared in Urban Dictionary as of 2009 and later became popular by the end of 2010.

As of 2010, Facebook recorded a report that HMU grew from being a rarity to the biggest trend of the year. The report stated that HMU was not in existence as of the 2009 Menology report.


We also grab a report from Google Trends saying that searches for HMU trended in 2010 and leveled out after about a year. However, this does not undermine the use of the phrase as regards to popularity. But now, it is commonly used in recent times.

How to Use HMU

HMU which stands for Hit Me Up is very easy to use and as well be understood by anyone who is conversant with social language. The only use is the abbreviation. Just make use of the HMU anytime you wish to say hit me up, OK!

Not just HMU, most other informal internet abbreviations might not be written in capital letters. You can as well see this phrase in lowercase letters like (hmu). So know quite well that this can either (hmu)

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