www.upspreworkcheck.com – Ups Employee Health Check

UPS Employees are to go for a health check before they go to work. The company ensures that its workers follow the covid-19 health check procedure before going to work.

www.upspreworkcheck.com – Ups Employee Health Check

However, the Prework health check is designed to make sure their workers don’t the coronavirus symptoms and to avoid the massive spread of the virus.

How UPS Prework Check Works?

Employees can complete the health check by visiting the official page

It will ask you the following questions

Kindly check your temperature. Confirm if it’s 100 4 or it’s greater today?

Do you have fresh onset of cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or chills today?

Had been below 10 days since covid-19 symptoms began?

You had close contact with someone diagnosed with covid-19 in the past two weeks?

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Go ahead and provide answers to the above questions.

  • I have answered No to all of the above, I have answered Yes to any of the above
  • After that, press on the blue submit tab

UPS Prework Check App

To download the UPS mobile app, kindly visit the google play store or Apple App store. Find the app, click on the install/Get button to download the app.

UPS Employee Protection From Covid-19

According to UPS, their employees are the most valuable resource they have. Because of this they’re doing their very best to make sure employee are safe and healthy in the Job during this pandemic.

The company is taking the following measures to keep its workers safe

  • Enhances cleaning in all their facilities, most shared equipment
  • It provides sanitizing supplies to drivers to keep signature DIADs and vehicles clean
  • Encourages and advises workers to follow the CDC guide for hygiene and social distancing
  • Frequent schedule on cleaning vehicles exteriors and interiors
  • It offers an emergency paid leave program to any worker with the virus.
  • Offers a frequent refilling of automatic hand sanitizing stations.

Important UPS Prework Check Info

If you’re taking a Prework health check as an UPS employee, you need to have your thermometer. Which  will be used to check your temperature

After the series of checks, if you answer yes to any of the questions, you’re technically but ready to start work.

However, it will direct you to stay home and get in touch with your health care provider, in order to discuss the symptoms. Moreover, during this time, you will have to inform your manager at work, about the situation of things. Thus, you won’t come to work.

Why this health check? UPS is using this health check to fish out or spot potential covid-19 cases. However, this is to prevent covid-19 outbreaks.

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So it’s very important to follow the covid-19 check procedure to save your life and that of the people around you.

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