www.uspayserv.com – Login to View Paystub

Does your company use USPayserv as their payroll provider? If yes, please pay attention to this information. As an employee of the company, you can access your paystub online. You can access it at www.uspayserv.com. The website is for employees. It is available 24 hours every day and 7 days every week. The site is where employees can view their paystub information for the present pay circle or former pay circles.

www.uspayserv.com – Login to View Paystub

Users can log in to their accounts via USPayserv. They can use their home computer, public computer mobile device, or smartphone to log in without delay.

The platform gives users the privilege to see their payroll information. They can do it any time they want to review their pay information.

How to Login to www.uspayserv.com

Do you wish to login to your paystub account? Visit USPayserv and enter your login credentials.

You must enter your Username, PIN, and Employee code before you can log in successfully. Your employer will be the one to provide you with these details.

If it appears that you can’t remember your password, you shouldn’t panic. Just visit the “Forgot your PIN” link and click on troubleshooting. The link will take you to another place.  You are to provide your Username, Employee Code, and Default PIN then you click on save. Your PIN will be reset immediately.

Once you log in, you can view your USPayserv in an electronic form. This is similar to your paper paystub. It shows work duration, deductions wage information, name/address, overtime hours, etc

USPayserv Benefits

Employee have a lot of benefits when they are associated with the USPayserv payroll service. One of such benefits is saving money on printing checks and mailing them to employees. It is considered the biggest benefit.

The postage, envelop and paper costs will be avoided and the money saved. The reason is that when a paystub is sent electronically, it will be easier and cost-saving.

Again, employees will not be limited to HR/Payroll department for payroll information.  They can visit the USPayserv sign-on, log in to their account and view their account info.

In case you have a question about your work duration, tax info, and deductions, kindly log in.

Users can as well recover their USPayserv W2 from the website. This will be available during the season for filing taxes. It will be possible for employees to view and download their W2 from the website. The employees will use it for their taxes.

USPayser Website Features

Do you have any other questions about the service? Call USPay customer service center at 1-866-612-8471. You can send the question via email. When the question is sent through email, you will wait for 24 hours for feedback.

There are other features that are available to users. The features are included on the website. They are: Interactive Voice Response to access pay information, fax-back service, text messaging of pay information, or email distribution. You can see your employer for details on these services. Alternatively, you can use www.uspayser for your paystub information.


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