My Reward Card – View Balance

My Reward Card gives cardholders lots of benefits as they shop with their card. If you’re a new cardholder there are procedures you must pass through before using or managing your card.  The first steps is the activation step, the second is registration and Sign in steps. My Reward Card – View Balance

Activating your card gives you a pass to shop with your card, online registration enables you to manage your account. However, the Login procedure enables you to access the account registered for. With this you can login to check your balance, pay your bills, and many more.

Nevertheless, this post will be unveiling these various procedure, to make the most out of your card.


View My Rewards Card Balance

This procedure is for people, who already activate, registered and shop with their card. You want to shop with your reward card? Before you proceed to shop with the card, is good to know your account balance, to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. Such, as making purchases that is more than the amount in your account balance.

However, Merchants cannot determine the balance on your Reward Card. So, if you try to make purchases that is more value than your card balance, your card may be declined.


To access your account balance, you need to login into your account.


Simple Login Steps

However, online access is a simple, safe and convenient way to access your card balance. So to log on to your account, here is the step to take;

  • Navigate to their login page at
  • Click on the Sign in your account” button at the upper corner of the screen
  • Enter Your user ID
  • Fill out your password
  • Then, input your phone number
  • Then, move down and visit on the Sign in button
  • On your account, proceed to check your balance.


Recovering Login password/User ID

Where you unable to access your account, maybe due to password or user ID issue? To reset your password, on the login screen click on Forgot your password button. Then enter your user ID and then continue to verify your account and submit afterwards.

To recover your user ID, tap on the “forgot User ID ”tab. Provide your card number, click on the continue widget to finish the process.

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New Cardholders- Activate My Reward Card

You just received your Card? If yes you need to pass through the activation process, to start using the card. You can do that, on phone or by visiting their website.

Activate Online

  • Navigate
  • Activate your Reward Card on the “Activate Card” Activate Card section.
  • Enter your card number
  • Then click on submit.

You might be prompted to follow the steps below;

  • Key in your cards Expiration date
  • Key in the 3 digit CVV code, located at the back of your card.
  • Tap on the “Activate” button below

With this steps you will successfully activate your new card online. Incase you don’t want to activate via online, you can as well contact the customer service.


Activate by Phone

If you don’t want to activate through the online process, you can call the customer service representative. Before dialing their support phone number, there information you need handy, they’re as follows;

  • Provide your card number
  • Card expiration date,
  • Security code located on the back of your card.

Customer Service Phone Number

Are you having a challenge concerning your card? You lost or misplaced your card? Kindly contact the customer service Agents to assist you.

To access their customer support page online, go to

On their home page, Scroll down to the “Contact Us” field and fill in the form. You will be entering your contact reasons, name, email address, card number, and comments.

After filing the form, click on the continue tab.

To call Agents on phone dial: 1 866 691 4768

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