PF Changs People Xpress Login

PF Changs People Xpress Login page enables employee of PF Change to access their account. Accessing their account gives them easy access to their payroll and company info.PF Changs People Xpress Login

However, with your employee ID and password, you’re good to go. Thus, your ID and password is the only key to accessing the platform.

PF Chang’s is an Asian restaurant concept founded on making food from scratch daily in every restaurant.


PF Chang’s Ultipro Login

Accessing. Your PF Ultipro  account is very easy, once you know your login details (employee ID and password).

However, to find your employee ID and password, kindly navigate to your recent Paystub. Once you get your ID, you can easily reset your password if you can’t remember it on the login field.

So, when you visit your login page, just enter your employee ID , then find the  Forgot your password button and click on it. The prompt on the screen will guide you.

However, via Ultipro platform, Chang’s employee can access their time sheets to see the current and previous pay cycle.

Here, employee get to see the hours they worked

  • Deductions
  • Overtime hours
  • Taxes
  • Benefits
  • Vacation
  • Balances
  • Sick time accrual etc

So, every information you need are right there in your account. That’s the more reason you need to log on to your account.

Login Details

Ultipro self service website gives you easy access to your account. Most especially when you have questions or when you want to confirm some info.  You can view your time sheets, benefits plan details and your paystubs right within your account.


PF Chang’s W-2 Access

Do You know that you can access your  W-2 history I. Your account? The W-2 history is what allows you to go back after many years to print out reprints of  your W-2 or paystubs.

Moreover, in the time of income tax, you can simply login to your account print out your W-2 when it’s available or when it’s waiting for its arrival.


Logging in

To login using the Ultipro portal, click on this link In the login page, provide your Employee ID and password.

You can get your ID from your supervisor.


About PF Chang’s

  1. F. Chang’s is an American-based, Asian-themed, casual dining restaurant chain. It was established in 1993 by Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang.

Center bridge Partners owned and run Chang’s until acquired by the private equity firm known as TriArtisan Capital Advisors on March 2, 2019.

However, the restaurant is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. And the chain deals more on American Chinese cuisine, plus other Asian dishes.

Also, Employees describe the menu as “Asian flavors.” As of May 2021, P.F. Chang’s operates 218 locations in the United States of America and over 100 locations in international markets under licensee agreements.


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