Franciscan Alliance – How to Pay Franciscan Alliance Online

Franciscan Alliance Medical Center now has an online payment platform where her patients can easily make the payment of their medical bills with so much ease. So, whenever you receive a billing statement from Franciscan Alliance, you can pay online at their website https://paymentsfranciscan Alliance - How to Pay Franciscan Alliance Online

From the website, you can pay for your medical services from any Franciscan Alliance hospital where you are receiving treatment.

This is one of the most recent improvements done by the hospital to save the patients the long-standing hours of queuing for payment at the cashier`s office. This saves time, energy and reduces stress for both the patients and the hospital management.

How to Login To Franciscan Alliance Website

Go to https://paymentsfranciscan Create your unique log in details including your account number, Date of birth and guarantor number. Get your account number form your own billing statement.

Supply the above-mentioned information, after that, you will be able to login to your account and view your payment information, account balance and as well make a payment whenever you want to.

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Accessing this website is just very easy as long as you follow the steps above. Always enter the correct information to avoid rejection of payment and the inability to register.

Whenever you have a problem or a question bothering you, simply call the Customer Service line at 1-866-903-0436.  The customer care providers are very polite and can put you through. Even if the problem is on how to make payments, they will guide you and teach you how to do so within minutes.

Also, you can use whatever type of credit card you have to make your payments, be it Chase, American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover and so on. You can as well pay through your checking account, whatever option that best suits you, use it.

Billing & Insurance | Franciscan Health › patient-resources › b…

To speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives, call 866-903-0436. Pay My Bill Request Detail Statement Financial Assistance …

Pay as Guest – Franciscan MyChart › MyChart › billing

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Enter an account # if you wish to pay on a specific visit or enter the guarantor # if you want to pay towards your overall outstanding balance. We were unable

Common questions about paying your bill – Franciscan … › Info › Payme…

Online on our payment site ( ); Online from MyChart. (Don’t have an account? Signing up is easy!

Frequent billing questions we receive at Franciscan Alliance › Info › Billing…

Online on our payment site ( ); Online from MyChart. (Don’t have an account? Signing up is easy! Click Here); By meeting …

Paying To Franciscan Alliance

As a patient of Franciscan Alliance, you are not under any obligation to make your medical payments through the online platform. You can still use the normal or traditional method of payment such as paying in person, by phone or mail.

They are all valid means of payment. To make a payment by phone, just call a Customer Service Care agent with the number above within the hours of 7 am to 5:30 pm. You can as well process an electronic check by phone whenever you wish.

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However, it is important to note that paying through the online platform of the Franciscan Alliance is faster and easier for both patients and the medical team.

Interestingly, you can make these payments at your own convenient time and location without necessarily going to the hospital to do so. So, if you are a patient of Franciscan Alliance, you can drop the traditional method of payment and embrace this method.

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