Why is my Network so Slow? | How to Increase Internet Speed

Why is my network so slow? There are several factors that can contribute to poor network speed. This could result in a problem associated with Wi-Fi signal, wireless interface, router, modem, configuration settings, and other technical problems. That is the reason we are bringing you How to Increase Internet Speed.How to Increase Internet Speed

However, this aim of this article is to help you fix the internet speed issues. On that note, all you need to do is to follow the troubleshooting procedure to fix the causes of your poor internet connection.

How to Increase Internet Speed | Ways to Improve Your Internet Speed

The first thing you need to check your current internet speed. How can I do that? Search for SpeedTest.net. If you find out that you have a lower rate, then you need to increase the speed with the following steps

Check and reboot your router

Your router or modem can bring about slow internet speed. Now check if the MUT of your router is properly set. When this is not properly set, it can lead to slow internet speed. However, the router must tarry with the internet service recommendation. Now try and reboot the router because sometimes it might be stuck in an overloaded state. Check out for the speed after you must have rebooted the router.

Check Coaxial Splitters

If you have coaxial splitters connected to your internet; then consider it among the reasons for slow internet speed. This can cause the signal strength to drop down which will lead to slow internet speed. Thus you can disconnect the splitters on your cable line and see how your internet speed modulates.

Regular update of software and firmware

This can also cause slow internet speed. Always look out for and keep-to-date your router software. To do that, simply follow your router’s brand instructions to update it. Sometimes, you also need to update your system desktop version and its operating system.

Contact your internet service provider

This can also be part of a slow internet network. Sometimes It could be that they have changed their network configuration which can result in your internet connection perform slowly. Ensure to call them for further directives.

Check out for external interface

In case you have an electronic device around your modem, you ought to make sure that they are no electromagnetic interference. If you notice any around your modem, draw away from there and check to see if your internet connection will speed up.

Check out for running background programs

Sometimes software application that runs within the background of the taskbar can also add to the slowdown of your internet. They can be quietly sucking your network and making it run slow. Also, check out for this whenever you notice there is a slowdown of your internet. Now you notice that kindly close any of such app.

Change DNS server to increase internet speed

Try changing your DNS server. With this, there is 80% assurance that your network internet connection speed will pick up.

Try these steps and thank me later!


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