CNET Internet Speed Test – helps you keep tabs on your internet speed.

Need to test your internet speed? Try This is an internet speed testing service that helps you keep tabs on your internet speed. Compared to other internet speed test sites, CNET certainly lacks some features, but still, it’s a great site for testing your bandwidth.

CNET Internet Speed Test

The Pros

  • Firstly, uncomplicated to use.
  • Secondly, includes nice animated graphics.

The Cons

  • Firstly, doesn’t include an upload test.
  • Secondly, requires Flash to run.
  • Thirdly, can’t share or download the results.
  • Lastly, has only one testing location.

Review of CNET Internet Speed Test

Though CNET is not full of features compared to similar sites, it can still be used for verification that the other websites are working properly.

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The disadvantage to a bandwidth test using Flash is that it can’t be used on all devices, like Apple’s iPhone. Also, using a browser plugin could distort the results, which is why it’s better to run a test that doesn’t rely on technology like Flash.

Most other Internet speed test websites give you the option to select a server to test your connection to. In a real-world scenario, as you’re browsing the Internet, you’ll reach servers that are located in many different parts of the world, so testing your speed against just one location may provide unrealistic results.

You cannot save the test results from CNET, whether online in a user account or offline in a file. So you’ll have to manually record the results if you’re interested in comparing your speed tests over time.


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