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When you think of nutribullet.com, it is actually emphasizing on the platform where customers who are recently purchasing a new brand of Nutribullet unit can register their device online. This states that after you complete the online registration, you will receive a 15 month extended warranty plan for the purpose of protecting your device in case of problems you may experience with it. Mostly for those going to get Nutribullet RX.www.NutriBullet.com - Nutri bullet Warranty Balance, Recipe | Nutribullet RX

Nutribullet Warranty Registration

This is quite a simple step to take and will only take a minute to complete its process provided you have an internet connection.  All you have to do is,

  • Visit the homepage at www.nutribullet.com/register.
  • Pick the type of Nutribullet you purchased.
  • Register in the purchase date and enter your product serial number.
  • Now specify the location you bought the Nutribullet from the drop-down menu.
  • Also, Now run a test of knowledge indicating that you are not a robot.
  • Now click on the red Next button.

Now when you are done with the first stage of the warranty registration process, then you are qualified to move over to the next phase of the registration which will require more details about the customer. Such info includes:

  1. Your name
  2. Email address
  3. Resident address and then
  4. Your Phone number.

After you must have finished the process, thereafter, your new warranty will be fully activated.  Now under www.nutribullet.com/register button, you will see a link to your warranty details. Have a click on it and take your time to digest and review the information given for the correct and right knowledge on what you should expect.

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For help and other service support, contact the customer service at 1-855-34-Nutri or you can make use of the customer service link to reach the customer contact form.

Nutribullet RX

Blender Recipes for nutribullet & magic bullet

https://www.nutribullet.com › recipes

Find the best healthy recipes for smoothies, juices, soups, cocktails, dips and so much more for your nutribullet or magic bullet blenders here.

nutribullet | Smoothie Recipes, Health Advice & Shop …


Shop nutribullet personal and full-size blenders, discover new smoothie recipes and read the latest health blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers – nutribullet FAQs

https://www.nutribullet.com › faq

The nutribullet FAQs page provides answers to frequently asked questions around our online store, warranty, product troubleshooting and more.

About Nutribullet Warranty Registration

Firstly, all you need to know about this service includes the expected details, the warranty platform, and the FAQ section.

Now concerning your Nutribullet warranty, there are some specific details attached to it. Now, what are these details talking about? There are major details about your warranty, the initial steps you should take when you experience problems with the devices and how to go about getting a refund.

The basic warranty placed on each Nutribullet product comes with a year limited warranty. What this does is that it protects your device from defects it may have been purchased. Sometimes, it seems that the device might require repair and also at times it will be completely damaged which will require replacing it with a new one.

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But in the midst of this warranty program, there are also problems that the warranty does not cover which are the daily wear and tear and accident. This means effects like scratch and damages that may come as a result of an accident are not covered by the warranty policy.

But if then you want to extend the warranty period of time, you can take advantage of the 4-year limited warranty which has an additional charge.

Now we talk about the FAQ section. This is a means through which you will get answers to your questions. If you are experiencing a hard time with your Nutribullet device it is always good to check out their FAQ service. Under this platform, you get an answer that will solve your problem. If you can find the solution that you are looking for then you can try visiting the customer service section.

The customer service section has a phone number to speak directly with a representative and a Contact Us form. With this, you can easily lay your complaints. This service has stood by the promise of a 30 days refund program that makes sure that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied within the first 3o days of delivery of your initial order, there will refund your money.

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Nutribullet RX

The new Nutribullet RX is quite a phenomenon to behold.  It is one of the latest from the stable of Nutibullet. It is a powerful nutrition extractor over. Nutribullet RX came with an unprecedented energy capacity level of 1700 watts.

Features of Nutribullet Rx

Every brand of Nutribullet RX carries a large-capacity attachment and hand-free operation. Its heating function makes this wonder gadget a superfood superhero.

1700 watt motor base is far more than you could ask for. It comes with a cleaning brush extractor blade and a 30oz short cup with a comfort lip ring in it. It also has a super blast Pitcher with vented lid, 45oz oversized cup with pitcher lid. Every brand has its prescription book for a better user guide.

Nutribullet RX Price

This superhero presently sells at $179.99. + $ Year Warranty

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