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Did you in recent times buy a Nutribullet Product? If so, you can go to to register it online. The essence of the registration is to enjoy 12 months warranty on the product and to get tips on how to use the product. If you do not register the product, you will not enjoy the warranty that the manufacturer provides.

The registration process is very simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. In case you do not want to register online, you can use the registration card that came with your purchase to do a manual registration and send it through mail to the address written on it. Even though you are free to choose the option you want, we always encourage customers to choose the online registration platform since it is fast and easy.

Nutribullet Product

To register your product,

go to . Enroll your full name, email address, telephone number Nutribullet serial number. Retailer name you purchased the product from.  And the exact model o the product. In case you cannot locate the serial number, click on the link of the product to see the serial number. This is very easy to do.

To register, you will also need your receipt as it has a lot of details that you will need to supply to register the product. At the registration platform, supply the purchase price, date of purchase, the store the product was bought as well as the city. This will help you create a profile for the ownership of the product you bought.

When you finish filling the registration form, activate the warranties that accompany it. This will help you to get tips on the product, alerts, and monthly newsletters.  All the details you need to gain access to your warranty are right there in your account. By registering, you will consistently get tips on how to maintain your product.

Other Features Include:

A lot of customers do not like to register their products. If you are one of them, it is better not to even buy the product at all. If you buy the product without registering it, you will not get all the benefits you deserve for being a customer.

Once you register, you will get 12 months of the extended warranty from the manufacturer of the product. It is pertinent to know that the warranty does not cover the personal damage caused by neglect, overuse, or misuse. Only legitimate issues will make your product to be replaced or repaired.

Also, after registering, you will get product alerts, seasonal tips to your personal email account, and monthly newsletters. This helps you stay updated with current product releases and details. Since the registration is free and you will enjoy a lot of benefits from registering your product, go ahead and register the product.

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