Social networking has become the order of the day and has formed a very important part of people’s lives. Some find it useful for fun, keeping in touch with friends, building business and personal relationships, advertisements, etc. But the most utilized and interesting part of social networks is the platform it grants you to share your pictures with the world.

Here, you will see creativity in different forms geared by the desire to publish exquisite pictures of yourself/others or to showcase one’s photography skills. This has become the most popular online recreational activity and has been matched with different photo editing tools. With the current trend, you can transform your picture to whatever you desire.

FotoJet picture editing software with its unique tools is becoming increasingly famous for turning a mere picture into a “work of art”. It has been described as the best free collage maker online. The app is very easy to navigate; you don’t have to be a professional to use it. FotoJet is very unique and doesn’t require any prior technical expertise like some others.

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FotoJetuses a template-based approach to creating collages or professionally edit pictures where the user doesn’t need to be a graphics expert to produce “pro-looking” graphic pictures. Furthermore, FotoJet provides almost 600+ stunning theme-based collage templates and editing tools to make the collage making process fun as well as convenient.

Whether you want to design a pro looking YouTube banner, Facebook cover, Twitter head, Tumblr Banner, Instagram post or any other poster, FotoJet provides exemplary templates for all needs.

Additionally, FotoJet also offers some basic editing tools, yet, unlike other software, these tools are hassle-free and uncomplicated that even beginners can easily use them.

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You can flexibly rotate, flip, resize and crop your pictures; fix color, sharpness, and lighting using various photo effects such as vintage, black and white, sepia, logo and a lot more. FotoJet also gives you the chance to write a personalized message on your edited image by adding text or attaching any clip art from the library for added effect. In the end, you can save your image as a JPG or PNG file and share it on your social media accounts.

Amongst all these aforementioned benefits, Fotojet also offers you a “Photo Card” option. Here, you can design a customized card online and simply send it via email or Facebook post. You can design your card to reflect your mind without visiting any shop. So sign on to Fotojet and have fun editing your pictures!


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