AAFES Employee Login

Are you an employee of AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service)? If yes, pay attention to this information. AAFES has launched its own employee self-service web portal. The web portal will give associates the opportunity to log in and view their paystub online. The associate can do this at https://self-service.aafes.com/self-service/logon.asp.

AAFES Employee Login

The website is available to employees 7 days every week. Again, the site is open at any time, including weekends.

The site is to be used majorly by associates to view their paystubs for the present pay period. They can also view their past pay periods as well.  When it is tax preparation time, employees can access their accounts and view/print their W-2 statements.

AAFES Employee Login

Do you want to access the self-service website? What you have to do is to visit AAFES Employee Self-Service. You will provide your TSS ID and TSS password to log in to the site. Perhaps, you don’t have your login credentials, visit your HR department or speak with the management.

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On the other hand, users can access the site via their Internet Explorer browser. This undoubtedly will give them a better experience. Other browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox are not as good as Internet explorer.

There are a lot of things users will be able to do as soon as they are logged in. such things include: viewing their payroll, monitoring their paycheck information such as hourly wage, deductions, vacation accruals, tax information, and many more.

Do you need to set up direct deposit or make changes to your current direct deposit setup? Such can be done inside your account. With an online account, users can have control over their payroll information. They can as well make edits and other changes

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AAFES Employee Self Service

The employee self-service feature is very helpful to employees. They can use it to monitor their payroll and paystub information online. In the same way, it gives them access to check their past and present paycheck details any time they want.

Users can also make other changes like changing or activating direct deposits. Users can send a direct deposit. Similarly, they can add a new direct deposit from ESS without being stopped by Human Resources. They can make such changes online.

In the same vein, any changes in your personal information can also be done in ESS. Through this, users can change their name, address, phone number, email address, add dependents, etc. During tax time, if you want to receive your W-2s, you can sign in and download the latest W-2 from your account. W-2 is always faster when it is in electronic form than in paper form. Users can hope to receive it latest at the end of the year or the beginning of the New Year.

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Do you have any questions concerning your online access? Perhaps you are having some difficulties? You can use the “Call HR Support Centre” link on the homepage of the AAFES Employee Service. They will provide contacts that you will use to speak to someone.

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