How to setup and use Cortana Windows 10

Cortana is a voice assistant created by Microsoft for Windows 10 OS. This is one of the features that comes with windows 10. In other words, you can use it to get the weather forecast, set a reminder, search for apps and files, etc. Cortana is currently in 8 languages. Cortana is a built-in windows 10. However, you will need to set it up and that is what this article is set to teach. I will be showing you how you can set up and use Cortana windows 10.How to setup and use Cortana Windows 10

Cortana Windows 10

How to set up  Cortana Windows 10

This is for those who newly installed windows 10 or have not used Cortana before. Kindly take the following steps to set up Cortana windows 10

  • Click on the start menu button
  • Select “all apps”.
  • Click on Cortana
  • Select use Cortana
  • To enable speech recognition, typing personalization click on This will enable Cortana to get to know you better. However, you can click on “No Thanks” if you don’t want these features activated.
  • After this, Cortana is now set up on your system. Also, you can pin Cortana to your taskbar for easy location.Cortana Windows 10
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Getting started with CortanaWindows · 1. Sign in with your MSA. Add your Microsoft Account (MSA) and Cortana will help manage your services all in one place.

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Go to Settings > Privacy > Voice activation and move the slider from Off to On under Allow apps to use voice activation. Then scroll down to “Choose which apps

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Here’s how to set up and use Cortana in Windows 10. Sign in to get started. Sign in screen for Cortana screenshot. You can get the

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To get started, click on the Search bar, then click on the Settings icon and find the button to enable Hey Cortana. … To enable Cortana above …

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How to Turn On Hey Cortana windows 10

Cortana is very interesting to use. Every windows 10 user need to set this unique feature in windows.  In other words, with a voice command, this app will do anything for you.  To setup  Hey Cortana windows 10 take the following step

  • To enjoy the full features of Cortana press Windows key + S at the same time on your keyboard.
  • Secondly, click on the settings. This is located down the windows display before the windows icon.
  • On the display window, you will see an instruction to switch to enable Hey Cortana. Click on the slide to the on position.
  • After this, you can now start enjoying the unique features of To give Cortana a task to do start by saying “Hey Cortana”.

How to Train Cortana to respond to only your voice only

You can actually train Cortana to know only your voice and respond only to your voice. This will help the app to respond only to your voice. To set this up you need to be in a quiet place. Then take the following steps

  • Press Windows Key + S on your keyboard.
  • Click the “Notebook” button.
  • Click on “settings”
  • Select “Learn my Voice”
  • Click on “Start”.
  • After this, Cortana will request you to say six sentences out loud
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Cortana Windows 10

However, you will need to set it up and that is what this article is set to teach. I will be showing you how you can set up and use Cortana windows 10.

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