Get Help in windows 10: How to get help in windows 10 with Ease

Get Help in windows 10: How to get help in windows 10 with Ease

How to get help in Windows 10 with ease.

Not minding how long you have been using your PC, there could be a time when you get screwed and be needing help. The orthodox PC will leave you with the sole help of the paper manual. But recently, you can now get better help from Microsoft online.  Windows 10 comes with several options you can choose from to resolve issues that confront you in the process of using your PC. These sets of solutions can be used pending on the issue in to get help in windows 10 So if you run into issues while using your Windows 10, we have successfully made a list of ways to handle them. We will also show you how you can contact the Windows 10 support team online. We are here to show you that you are not far from the help you need.

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Search for help on the taskbar, use the Tips app, select the Get help link in the Settings app, or go to

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Microsoft Easy Assist allows a Microsoft support professional to remotely connect to your computer and help you solve a problem. Using a secure …

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If you’re constantly getting the annoying ‘How to get help in Windows 10‘ pop-up, make sure the Help key is not jammed, and then check your

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Use the Get Help App for Windows 10 Support · Select the search button on the taskbar. · Type the problem in the search box. · Speak to a virtual agent directly by …

How to get help in Windows 10; Press F1 Button

If you are familiar with windows, you will recall that F1 is your surest way to get help. The same thing is obtainable with windows 10. Not minding the program that you are running now if the program came with help option, press on F1. A press on F1 will redirect you to the program’s help desk. So when you are on your Windows 10, a press on F1 will by default open Bing search. This should be done where all the necessary help you could need are outlined.

You can Ask Cortana

Windows 10 greatest tool is Cortana. It has been widely talked about from different analysts as a great feature from the stable of Microsoft.   Your Cortana in Windows 10 serves as a virtual assistant for all users. Cortana can be used to schedule meetings. It can also be used to and do a thorough search of files on your PC. You can use Cortana today to get help on basic PC issues of every day.

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How to use Cortana

Activate the listening ability of Cortana by clicking the Microphone icon below your window. Or by saying “Hey, Cortana” for those that have activated the option.  Then you can start asking Cortana verbally those basic issues that confront you daily. The answers to those questions have been programmed into this software. So your Cortana is just waiting for you to ask so it can supply you with answers. I personally use Cortana the get answers on useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10.

Even though Cortana has been branded a ‘revolution’, there is a limit to what it can handle. So when the help you need has to do with in-depth issues or those relating to an obscure piece of software,  Cortana might not be able to serve you. The best thing to do is to search for other help from Microsoft mostly when it has to do with the environment or proprietary Microsoft software or app.

There are other options on How to get help in Windows 10. They are;

Trouble could arise as a result of your usage of Windows 10 and other Microsoft products. With the lunch of Windows 10, help was made available using Microsoft Answer Desk. This will help you with the most help you could need as a Microsoft user.

As stated earlier, help is available through chatting with someone online, by putting up calls or by simply visiting that Microsoft store near you for help.

Let’s make it clear that not all help you can get from Microsoft are actually free, but those that concern Windows 10 will always come free.

How to get help in Windows 10 For Windows Upgrade

Microsoft Windows 10 is an upgrade from the popular Windows 7 and 8.1.  Upgrade to Windows 10 is actually free for the first year of the upgrade. If you are yet to connect with this free upgrade, you can get reserve copy here using “Get Windows 10”. The symbol found in Windows Taskbar found in the lower right corner.

You can choose to use the manual upgrade to windows 10. You can do this through Microsoft‘s free media creation tool available for all for free.

Some of you might be skeptical of what becomes if your device and files after the upgrade. Some are afraid of losing their vital files, or that something might go wrong. If you fall into such a category, I will like to assure you that Microsoft is always there for you.  No need to worry. In line with the Microsoft Support program, a user of Microsoft can visit any Microsoft store with their devices (PC or Tablet), and a Microsoft representative will help you upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Answer Desk page Puts it this way:

Visit a Microsoft Store near you for FREE upgrade services. Come into our store with your device and we’ll help you get to Windows 10. Our Answer Desk will evaluate your device, make sure you have everything you need for an amazing experience, and take you through all of the new features of Windows 10.

This is not all that Microsoft offers for free. As we said earlier, you can chat up someone online; you can schedule a call or use Cortana. While you contacting the help desk, you can inquire about account and billing service and apps, and devices like mobile phones and Xbox. Select the category and subcategory open where you can chat with a support team or line up a call.

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The user can also get free in-store support. So each time you get a new PC or Tablet from Microsoft office or any agent or retailer, this is what to do. The Answer Desk person for the local Microsoft store will be ready to help you with free help in:

  • Virus and Malware scanning and removal from your device.
  • They can help you with software repair and give you the support that you need.
  • They can help you with the diagnosis and repair of your device.
  • Your PC can be fine-tuned for better performance for free.
  • To crown it up, you can get rewards and gifts that Microsoft offers you for patronage and purchase of certain Microsoft products.

How to get help in Windows 10; The Paid Option

But if you need advanced help than the list above, you will ready to make some payment for it. Some in-store help attracts some bills. So users are meant to pay $49 per shot for a hardware upgrade and backup. If you want to recover your deleted files or the one from a formatted PC or device, you will have to pay $149 per shot.

You can also get a paid plan that is more comprehensive in which you can get the help you need from the comfort of your home. You can get a one-hour, one-time support version using either chat or through a phone call. This one will cost you & $99.

If you then need accidental support and protection coverage for your PC with software support cost $129. Another help on the paid list from Microsoft is unlimited personal one-on-one in-store training sessions and software support for one year cost $149. This helps to come with chat, phone or in-store help.

So if you are in need of help, questions about Microsoft products and services or more extensive help from Microsoft, I will advise you to go for Microsoft, s online Answer Desk page. This will help you get all the help you need.

Needing more tips on How to get help in Windows 10, contact us through our comment box.

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