How to Prevent and Detect Credit Card Skimming

How to Prevent and Detect Credit Card Skimming

Credit Card Skimming Becoming A Big Concern

Credit Card Skimming is becoming a very common fraud these days. Many credit card users and even some great credit cards companies have fallen victims to these skimmers.

Based on these lots of banks, financial institutions and credit card issuers are becoming better equipped at detecting fraudulent transactions on credit cards. When suspecting a fraudulent transaction, they do not process suspicious charges until the card owner verify that he/she has initiated the transaction.

How to Prevent and Detect Credit Card Skimming

Can I Escape Credit Card Skimming Attack

Being naive and using your credit card as you always have puts you at risk of becoming a credit card skimming victim. These skimming incidents can be very difficult to detect. So to escape such a fraudulent attack, you have to know what exactly to look out for.

You really have to be tactful and watchful to be able to spot fraudulent charges and skimming incidents.
You know, like we always admit, every success begins with knowledge. Let’s arm you with some tips to help you escape the skimming attack on your credit card.


You must learn to often Monitor your checking and credit card accounts online at least weekly. When you spot a transaction you think you didn’t place, report it immediately to your bank or credit card issuer.

Tips That Help you Escape credit card skimming.

Never shop carelessly. Watch wherever you make your purchases. Restaurants, bars, and gas stations are very vulnerable places to such attacks. These places are very deceptive to skimming attacksHow to Prevent and Detect Credit Card Skimming

Lots of skimmers can be found in self-checkouts retail stores and lots of standalone ATMs. Be extra careful when using such places. If you have no option but to use some of these places then ensure you use one of your hands to cover the other as you type in your PIN because these fraudulent quays have a very tiny cameras you can hardly detect put in place to steal PIN AS YOU TYPE IT IN.

Don’t become a victim of “credit card cleaning” scams, where thieves claim to clean the magnetic strip on your credit card to help it work better. These thieves simply swipe your credit card through a credit card skimmer and take your credit card information.

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How to Report a Credit Card Skimming Loss

If you think you have been attacked by one of these skimmers then the first thing to do is to contact your bank or credit card issuer immediately. Don,t even wait to spot any fraudulent charges before doing so. The earlier you report the issue, the better for you. Because of such attacks can be stopped if they were simply reported just a little earlier. more you shield yourself from liability of unauthorized charges.

When you report the situation, remember to provide all the necessary details as you can remember about the possible location of the skimmer, e.g. the location of the ATM or gas station you visited. This can help the bank to safeguard those machines to prevent future losses.

Next, you can Alert the Federal Trade Commission. Who work to break up large credit card skimming rings. Your early complaint to that commission can help will help catch the skimmers. How to Prevent and Detect Credit Card Skimming


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