How to clean Your Digital Camera with Ease

This is talking about how you can keep your digital camera clean. While will emphasize on keeping digital camera clean, we will look into the most sensitive part of a digital camera which is the lens and LCD screen. How to clean Your Digital Camera with Ease

They are better ways to clean it so as not infect damages on them. However, you will get better sharp quality photographs when your camera is neatly kept. Because of this, we will bring to your notice the material used for cleaning your camera, things to avoid while cleaning the camera or using it, how to use the materials to clean the camera.

Materials Used For Cleaning your Digital Camera

You need materials like a Microfiber cloth, lens cleaner paper or clean and soft cotton cloth, lens cleaning fluid or water, and a soft-bristle brush.

how to clean your digital camera

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Materials to Avoid

Be careful of materials you allow to go close to your camera lens and another sensitive part of your camera. Below is a list of materials you should avoid while cleaning your camera lens or LCD screen.

  • Avoid thick bristle brush
  • Avoid too much liquid.
  • Avoid paper towels
  • Don’t make use of rough clothing materials.
  • Avoid clothes with particles.

How to Clean your Digital Camera Lens at Home

This is because while at home, you feel more relax while working on your camera. So follow the below steps to clean your camera lens while at home.

  • Put on the camera if it requires opening the cover of the lens.
  • Now turn over your camera with the lens facing the floor.
  • Blow air gently to remove the deviated particles.
  • If there are still particles at the edges of the lens, gently use your bristle brush to wipe them off.
  • Use the Microfiber cloth to clean the interior lens down to the outer edges of the lens.
  • In a situation whereby all the dirt is not totally off, add a drop of clean water or rather a cleaning fluid and then clean the lens. Afterward, dry it off with soft dry part of the cloth.
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How to Clean the Lens on the Go

  • Turn on your camera (optional) and then open the lens cover
  • Let the lens face the ground and the blow to clear stray particles. Ensure your finger doesn’t touch or remove grit.
  • Use a soft clean cotton cloth and ensure it is chemical or perfume free. Afterward, you can then clean it completely.
  • In case you couldn’t find a soft clean cloth, you can make use of facial tissue with a few drops of water and then ensure there is no form of oil on the tissue because that will result in more problems. Only make use of this method when you have no other choice.

How to Clean your Digital Camera LCD Screen

  • Ensure you put off the camera.
  • Using a small soft brush, dust the LCD. You can as well blow air on the screen in case you don’t have a brush.
  • Make use of Microfiber cloth to clean the LCD screen.
  • Add some drops of water if it still persists to clean off.

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