The Best iTunes Playlist Uses

The Best iTunes Playlist Uses

Apple users have iTunes as their default media player. This iTunes is flexible in ways many people don’t know. You can iTunes to create several playlists ranging from the normal playlists everyone knows to a smart playlist that uses your listening pattern to update your playlist automatically. From the kind of songs you listen to often, smart playlists can build a list of similar songs that will interest you. The best ways to use playlists in iTunes are listed below:The Best iTunes Playlist Uses

  1. Make Your Own Mixtapes

Playlists (often referred to as mixtapes from the old analog days), are a great way of making your own custom music compilations. By creating them, you can vary the way you enjoy your music library. They are also essential if you’ve got a large library and want to organize your songs more effectively. Above all, they make using and listening to your music collection far easier and more enjoyable — not to mention saving a great deal of time when trying to find something specific.

  1. Create An iTunes Radio Playlists

For most digital music fans, the most interesting aspect of using the iTunes software is for accessing (and purchasing) the millions of songs that are available on the iTunes Store. However, many don’t know that Apple’s jukebox software is also a great Internet radio player as well. This feature does not appear in plain sight, but hiding in the iTunes left menu panel is the facility to instantly connect to a large collection of radio stations that broadcast over the Internet using streaming music. There are literally thousands of stations to tune into, and so to make it easier, you can use playlists to bookmark your favorites. With this, you can listen to free streaming music all day long.Playlist

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Intro to playlists in iTunes on PC – Apple Support › guide › itunes › windows

In iTunes on PC, create playlists, including standard playlists, Smart Playlists, and Genius Playlists, to organize groups of songs, movies, and more.

Use Genius Shuffle, Genius Playlists, or Genius Mixes in … › itunes › itns22073 › windows

To create Genius Playlists, Genius Shuffle, and Genius Mixes, iTunes uses … the iTunes app on your PC, choose Music from the pop-up menu at the top left.

Create, edit, and delete playlists in iTunes on PC – Apple … › guide › itunes › windows

In the iTunes app on your PC, choose File > New > Playlist. The new playlist appears in the sidebar on the left, below Music (or All) Playlists. Type a name for …

  1. Use Smart Playlists That Self-Update

Instead of constantly editing your normal playlists, Smart Playlists can automate the whole process for you — this is a great time saver! Smart Playlists are particularly useful if you listen to music on the move and want to keep the playlists on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad up-to-date with the changes to your music library. If you update your library on a regular basis, then creating Smart Playlists makes a lot of sense when you need to keep the playlists you work with automatically in sync with your music collection.

  1. Automatically Skip Songs in Playlists
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Playlists are really useful when it comes to cherry-picking songs from your iTunes music library. But is there a way to skip songs without having to manually remove them from your mega-playlists? Fortunately, there is a way of using a simple iTunes playlist hack. You can automatically skip individual tracks without having to delete them from your compilation lists.

  1. Sync Music to Your iPod

Creating playlists with iTunes can help you to organize your songs while they are on your computer. However, they are also a stellar way to quickly transfer music to your iPod too. Rather than transferring multiple songs one at a time, a far quicker and easier method is to use playlists to take the stress out of syncing songs to your iPod.


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