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Have you tried federal student loans and private loans or International student loans available for U.S Citizens? But federal student loans have more benefits compared to private student loans. Thus, it is restricted to U.S citizens alone. Because private loans can be given to anyone who is not U.S Citizen, it is the best way to pay for college.International student loans - Best International Student Loans

International student loans give students the chance to choose a variety of loan options which is best for them. Therefore, you can check below to help find the best option that is best for you. Furthermore, you don’t need to have a social security number, collateral, or co-signer.

The List of Best International Student Loans

  • MPOWER Financing: This type of student loan is available for undergraduate students. Thus, you can do this without a co-signer.
  • Prodigy Finance:This type of student loan is best available for graduate students. In fact, you can as well do this without a co-signer.
  • Citizens One:This student loan is best available for graduate students and can be gotten without a need for a co-signer.
  • Ascent Student Loans:if you are looking for international loans with the best interest rates, Ascent student loans are available.
  • Discover:Discover is best suitable for DACA RecipientsInternational student loans

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MPOWER Financing

MPOWER loan is best for undergraduate students. Yet, without a co-signer, you can still be offered a loan.  Among the two major companies that offer student loans without co-signer, MPOWER Financing is one of them.

The MPOWER student loan is a student loan that is meant for those two years close to graduation or about to start a one or two-year program. Thus, there are 350 approved schools in the U.S or Canada that support MPOWER Financing.

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With MPWOER student loans, students pay interest-only for the first six months while in school and at the same six months after graduation. Afterward, make full payments such as the principal and interest till it is paid off. There is no room for the application fee. But, it requires a 5% origination fee for each loan.

2020 MPOWER international student loan rates after all discounts in August

In other words, student such as undergraduate and graduate has APR listed below

  • Undergraduate fixed APR: 14.98%
  • Graduate fixed APR: 12.94%
  • Repayment terms: 10 years
  • Loan amounts:$2,001–$50,000

Available discount on interest rate

  • 50% discount is available by just signing up for autopay
  • 50% will be granted after six on-time payments with autopay
  • and another 0.50% will be activated for reporting proof of graduation and employment


Prodigy Finance

Prodigy Finance is a company that offers private student loans to international students. Furthermore, students can borrow without a co-signer.

Prodigy Loan is designed for these students who seek for graduate degree:

  • business,
  • science,
  • technology,
  • engineering,
  • math,
  • law,
  • Public policy or healthcare.

Borrowers have left the repayment terms options. In fact, you can make payments anytime without been penalized. Furthermore, you can make deferment while in school.

Details of 2020 Prodigy student loan in August

  • Variable APR: Starting at 5.6%
  • Repayment terms:7, 10, 15 or 20 years
  • Loan amounts:$15,000 up to 80% of the cost of attendance at most U.S. schools
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Prodigy offers simple interest rates unlike what private lenders always do.

Citizen One

Citizen One offers the lowest interest rate loan. But, it is best for students with a good credit score. You can also obtain a loan from Citizen One with a co-signer who is a U.S citizen or permanent resident.

Citizen One loan does not require a fee, origination, or prepayment fees with Citizen One.

2020 Citizen One international student loan details

  • Graduate Variable APR: 1.42% – 11.00%
  • Graduate Fixed APR: 4.29% – 11.53%
  • Repayment terms: 5, 10, or 15 years
  • Graduate loan amounts: $1,000 up to the total cost of attendance or $350,000 total aggregate, depending on the degree.

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