Student Loans – Is Student Loan Debt The Next Financial Crisis?

We must not forget what we call “The Great Recession when we hear of the financial crisis. It is not just loan debt accumulated by student loans. That is to say, other loan debt can cause a financial crisis. Because of the mortgage crisis of 2008, many believe that student loan debt is the next financial crisis. Thus, this will be proven below if it is true or not.

Cause and effect

Young people follow the path of college education because they have heard of the much success achieved with a college education. Thus, education is a key to success.

Today, student loans could be the best alternative to pay off college education, and if you must be successful, thus, you must study.

Is the student loan debt loan the next financial crisis? Therefore, according to the project on Student Debt, the average student loan debt for college students was $25, 250 in 2010.  Thus, it is 5% higher than the previous year. This also means that the total student-loan borrowing for one year is more than $100 billion marks, and when combined, with the outstanding debt, it is more than $1 trillion.

After seeing this, why won’t I believe that student loan debt could be the next financial crisis?  OF course, it is totally clear to me. What do you think?

In addition, Tuition has risen at a range of 6 to 9% yearly and sometimes twice the normal rate for the past 45 years and above. That is to say, demand for larger student loans will increase as well. As a result, college becomes more demanding to be reached, while the economy goes down without producing more graduates. Moreover, it is clear that many will not be able to pay for these loans when their tuition is very high.

Bankruptcy is a situation that brings companies down. But, according to laws, you cannot escape from completing your loan debt. Thus, loan debt cannot be written off by bankruptcy. So, even in a bad financial situation, graduates will still pay on their student loan debt till it is off.


The idea of Bankruptcy attorneys is a suggestion that can be the only way to solve the problem of student loan debt. Guess what? It says “If only the student loan debt is to be discharged just as credit card or other debt, things will move. Another says “College tuition fluctuation should be regulated.

In conclusion, in Inspite of that student debt loan is 1 trillion; yet, it is not up to mortgage debt, that is, $13 trillion. Therefore, many consider it that it wouldn’t cause a crisis. Thus, it still requires more attention before it gets out of control.

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