Consolidating Student Loans – WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW

What will bring about consolidating student loans is that you may be weighed down because of your student loan debt. Consolidating a student loan can be the best idea in times like this. But some can also consider refinancing your loans to lower the monthly payments. You need to pay close attention before you make the decision to consolidate or refinance.Consolidating Student Loans - WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW


  • Whether you are consolidating or refinancing, when once you place a high-interest private student loan into a single loan (making repayment single), you will automatically lower your monthly payments.
  • Consolidating federal student loans will be a better option by taking advantage of the government‘s Direct Loan Program.
  • The automatic status decreed by President Trump to suspend accruing interest on federal student loans is greater than consolidating a loan and you should take good advantage of it by saving more to reduce your debt. This is not so in private student loans though. so these are the reasons you should have a clearer picture of the type of loan that can be consolidated into a single loan
  • One of the disadvantages you get from consolidating federal loans is that you will lose the initial benefits that federal loans have to offer.

Basically, there are two vital ways to consolidate your student loans. The first aid can come from a private lender or come from a popular source which is the federal government. The federal consolidation is only entitled to federal loans.

On the side of a private loan consolidation also known as refinancing. They are to pay off your private or even federal student loan. Private lenders can be banks. And they now issue with a new loan at a new rate and. With a new repayment schedule. In the case of high-interest private loans. Refinancing is advantageous as you may be able to obtain a lower. Rate or better terms with the new loan.

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Definition Cont’d

Federal student loan offers you better and favorable options. As you can combine all your loans into a new direction. Consolidated loan via the Federal Direct Loan Program.

So, therefore, you will have your new interest too. Be weighted averagely, based on your previous loans, and still remain eligible for some features of federal loans.

Meanwhile, since the Coronavirus crisis. Federal student loans have been suspended indefinitely. President Trump and have affected the impact of consolidated loans. But on the other side. Private loans do not benefit from this. But you can still enjoy refinancing your private.  Loan even though it is not affected by the indefinite suspension by President Trump. As you can’t exchange private loans into a federal loan over consolidation.

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Check out for the advantages and disadvantages of private and federal loan consolidation.

Pro: Lower Monthly Payments

With private loan consolidation, you can reduce it.  yYour monthly loan payments in two ways. The first is to refinance a loan with a high-interest rate. And this will cause a change in lowering the payments and help you to save money over the life of the loan. You consolidate or refinance your loan to cut down your monthly payment by extending the length of your loan.

For federal loan consolidation, when you qualify for consolidation via the income-based repayment plans, you may successfully reduce your monthly payments based on your earnings or you can afford.

Pro: You Can Release a Cosigner from the Loan

You can refinance your private loans to enable you to gain eligibility for another loan application, even though cosigning your loan typically releases the chance of default and making you eligible for more loans. But federal loans don’t easily support cosigners.

Pro: You will lessen the monthly payment

Consolidating will reduce your student loan bills to one if you have multiple student loan payments. Since is applicable in federal direct student loans. Achieving this also in private loans can in another way be possible. Making your loan automatic payment loan lowers your interest and saves you a small amount of money each month. You will never fail in repaying your loan because it is automatic.

Pro: causes flexible repayment

The act of consolidating your loans enables you to make decisions on how you want the loan to last and possibly as a fixed or variable rate. However, choosing a variable rate makes it to be risky because you may end up getting a higher interest rate per time. Over federal consolidation loans, the interest rate is fixed.

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Con: prolong term will cause more payment

The way to lower your monthly payments brings about prolonging the term and you will keep thousands of dollars more than the life of the loan because it of accruing interest as time goes.

Con: Advantages of the previous loan may be lost

Consolidating a federal student loan typically reduces or deprives you of the initial options such as loan forgiveness or cancelation programs or even to sign up for income-based repayment.

 Con: Any Existing Grace Periods May Go Away

When you take out a refinanced loan with a private lender, the repayment is affected immediately. So allow the grace period to end before you go on with the refinancing process.

How to Consolidate Student Loans

You can consolidate your student loans via financial institutions and at large, your local bank or credit union, or lenders who specialize in these types of loans. They include the LendKey, SoFi, and Earnest.

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