Sun Trust Student Loans – WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW

Sun Trust Student Loans would become something of extinct since May 31, 2020. So Sun Trust Student Loans will no longer be invoked after 11:59 Pm EST on May 30, 2020. If you want to apply for a loan from them, you should do that before that above time.

As a graduate or undergraduate with established credit histories or even with a co-signer, you can obtain Sun Trust Student Loans for private student loans with their low-interest rates and the discount rate that is up to 0.75%.

seek more private lenders or federal options as well to determine the rates and terms that will suit you. Good credit can fetch you loans with low-interest, making college affordable.

Nevertheless, Sun Trust Student Loan is not available to all borrowers and more because it does not limit how much you can take out each year. Before you step in to apply, check out the “What you should know” section to inquire more about them.

Sun Trust Student Loans


  • Do you know that the interest rates are competitive? Unlike what you may get from other private lenders, SunTrust’s student loans have competitive rates? We can relate that SunTrust’s Custom Choice and Union Federal Loans have fixed interest rates as low as 4.30% for graduate students. If you equate it, it is lower than the federal direct subsidized student loans current and otherwise to unsubsidized loans.
  • SunTrust offers extra discounts and rewards. You could be eligible for up to 0.75% in interest rate discounts depending on the loan you choose. It is the schedule like this; principal reduction when you graduate attracts 2% or 0% annual percentage rate (APR) for the first six months after loan disbursement.
  • Do you know this is open for international students? Unlike other private lenders that will demand that you will be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident before you qualify for a loan, SunTrust is a direct opposite of what it used to be amongst private lenders.
  • Do you know how many states is limited to borrow this loan? This means that not all borrowers in every state can access the loan. SunTrust place limit to how much you can borrow, unlike other private lenders that allows you to borrow up to the cost of attendance. The limit here can be $65,000 regardless of the loan you chose.
  • For graduate and MBA students, the loan is available for short repayment. This means that loan repayment options are limited for graduate students or MBA aspirants. The repayment options can only be seven or ten-year loan terms.

Student Loans Offered by SunTrust

Custom Choice Loan

The custom Choice Loans is designed for undergraduate and graduate borrowers who are partaking in at least half time program over an approved school. This features more options compared to other offers of SunTrust. You can defer payments over here till you graduate or make payments while in school. There is an extension of the loan term over here. You can choose comfortably from seven, ten, or fifteen years.

Uniquely, Custom Choice Loan has a graduation reward such as reducing principal balance by 2%. Assuming you had a $20,000 student loan on graduation, this reward above states that the balance will be reduced by $400. Note, there are no application fees, origination fees, or prepayment penalties attached to the loan.


Variable Rates1.750% to 8.800%
Fixed Rates4.301% to 11.050%
Loan Amounts$1,001 up to $65,000 ($150,000 lifetime limit)
Loan TermsSeven, 10, and 15 years

Start Student Loan

This is still designed for graduates and undergraduates enrolled at least half time program. The difference between this and the above program is that it offers a 0% APR for the first six months after the disbursement of the loan. At this time, this means that no interest will be accrued and you can easily save money that period until the introductory period expires.

The Start Student Loan is limited in repayment options. It typically offers one repayment term, which is 15years. You can make extra payments while in school and as well as defer payment till graduation.


Variable Rates3.725% to 8.460% (0% APR for the first six months)
Fixed Rates5.762% to 10.353% (0% APR for the first six months)
Loan Amounts$5,001 up to $65,000 ($150,000 lifetime limit)
Loan Terms15 years

Union Federal Private Student Loan

Usually, SunTrust Union Federal Private Student Loan is for undergraduate and graduate students available for half time program attendants. The secret for this option is that it is available to international students.

The Union Federal Private Student Loan offers four different repayment options that borrowers can relent on to obtain the loan.

In-School Deferred:

Also, this means that while you are still in school your payment can be deferred.

Partial Interest: 

Moreso, these fashions that you pay $25 per month while you’re in school.

Interest Only:

Just as the name sounds, you pay just only the interest while in school.

Immediate Repayment:

Often, this means that repayment over here takes the immediate response from the moment loan is disbursed.

There are also discount rates for on-time payments, automatic sign up. Consistent payment for 36 months will attract a discount, reducing your interest rate by 0.75%.


Variable Rates1.750% to 10.750%
Fixed Rates4.301% to 13.000%
Loan Amounts$1,001 up to $65,000 ($150,000 lifetime limit)
Loan TermsSeven, 10, or 15 years

(The draft above was applicable as of April 10, 2020).

Graduate Business School Loan

Graduate Business school loan is designed for graduate or professional degree program and warrants student who must be eligible to attend a school accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Business Schools.

This loan worth to be an alternative to federal Grad PLUS Loans, and it is offered with an interest rate of 7.08%. You will get a lower rate with a Graduate Business School Loan with good credit or cosigner who does have good credit.

Just as the Union federal private loan, there are still the same repayment options over here.

  • Firstly, In-School Deferment
  • Secondly, Immediate Repayment
  • Thirdly, Partial Interest
  • Fourthly, Interest-Only Repayment


Variable Rates1.750% to 6.853%
Fixed Rates4.301% to 8.890%
Loan Amounts$1,001 up to $95,000 (lifetime limit of $175,000)
Loan TermsSeven or 10 years

This draft in the table was applicable as of April 10, 2020.

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