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NASA Space shuttle is another word Space transport medium. These spacecraft serve as vehicles, built on earth for orbit travel. It is meant to transport people and cargos from earth to the orbits.

NASA Space Shuttle simply stands for the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA. It used to be called the Space Transportation System (STS). NASA Space Shuttle

The first Lunch was on April 12, 1981.


As stated earlier, NASA is an abbreviation that stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. What do they do? NASA is an independent agency under the executive branch of the United States federal government program.

However, they are responsible for the civilian space program and deal more on aeronautics and space research center. They coordinate and take responsibilities of most space discovery, about space traveling and exploration.  When we talk of the research and earth observation, NASA has been in charge and at many times has given immediate solutions to a prey occurring problem detected.

NASA is an association that has continued to develop a strategy on how to launch satellites and also plans on how to travel to space. They also have built space stations in space. However, launching satellites has now made communication, tracking, viewing of locations and geographical functionality easier.

They have always been on the vibe to make life beyond our solar system and improve every day. The latest of it all is that they are over the plan to make a move to mars and seems to be the latest project online.

About NASA Space Shuttle

The best step to take to be able to get accurate information from NASA is to have access to their website. Once you get there, all the details that you need to know about NASA will be reviewed to you and also tips you should know about their space travel. Now the official website is As long as you enter the above URL, you will be able to reach their website. The reason why you should visit the site is that more information is made known to the public. You will find categories such as Missions, Galleries, Downloads, about and information about heading.

In case you are in search of contents concerning the space station facilities, you can obtain the result from the following heading

  • Research & technology.
  • Crew & Expeditions.
  • Ground Facilities.
  • Orbital ATK commercial crew program.
  • Space station tour.
  • Astronauts, space X.
  • Launches and landings.
  • International cooperation.

To make it more interesting, you can visit the below subheading which includes;

  • Journey to Mars.
  • Technology
  • Earth
  • Solar system and Beyond.
  • Education
  • History and so on.

Endeavor to download the images because it is going to give a clue on how the environment looks like. Most importantly, the photograph of how the earth looks like.


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