Having a personal or business account requires that you do certain things you should be DOING ON INSTAGRAM or work with specific tips and strategies in order to increase your interactions and followership on the network. These, when properly carried out increases your Instagram presence. They include:NINE THINGS YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY BE DOING ON INSTAGRAM

1. Posting Photo Collages

A collage market condenses images into a single post. Rather than sharing separate photos, these photos can be combined to display different scenes of an event. Instagram’s built-in collage maker can be used to do this.



NINE THINGS YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY BE DOING ON INSTAGRAM, Use Instagram Direct to Privately Message individuals or Groups,

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2. Post-Time-Lapsed Videos

Generally, people’s attention can be short-lived and more so on social media. A person can take as little as two seconds of watching a video before deciding to move on and this is where time-lapse videos come in. Time-lapse videos are videos sped up to be watched in a shorter amount of time. It is done by squeezing several footages together to give a shorter-timed and high-quality video.

3. Use Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags help users to filter results based on phrases or keywords. Users who incorporate a few relevant hashtags to their photos and videos stand a greater chance of increasing their engagement and followership.

4. Edit Captions if necessary

On realizing that your caption for a post is wrong or not informing enough, you can easily edit the caption. Hashtags can also be added or removed.

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Track your activities and statistics with Iconoquare

Iconosquare is a tool to access your accounts and to look at your statistics. This helps a lot for users with large followings. Iconosquare helps you track what type of content your followers like, and when they are most likely to engage or interact.

Post at Optimal times

Understand the pattern of your followers and those you want to follow and post at the times they will likely see or engage you. Though people look at their phones all the time, there are optical times and better performing days to make posts.

Use shoutouts

Furthermore, a shoutout is an agreement between Instagram users to post one another’s photo or video and instructing one’s followers to follow the posted user’s content. It is a fast and effective method to grow Instagram following.

Stay on Top of Popular Trends

Keeping your content fresh and staying current is a sure way to go on Instagram. Things move very fast and you could become outdated if you do not keep up with the “Now”. Potential followers get wooed when your posts reflect the high quality and yet current.


Use Instagram Direct to Privately Message individuals or Groups

Instagram Direct messaging is a great way to privately share a video or photo post with one or more followers. It is more effective than leaving a comment on one or more of their posts. It is a better way to share content relevant to a group.

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