FUN INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS – Hashtags Instagram Users Could Adopt

There are FUN INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS users could adopt in making their posts. Some of these hashtags are geared towards a specific day of the week and they always have a certain theme attached to them.FUN INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS - Hashtags Instagram Users Could Adopt

A person can simply pick a day of the week, choose the FUN INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS that goes with that day, find a photo with that theme, and then make the post. These specific daily hashtags include


#SelfieSunday: Selfies can be posted any day of the week, however you have one extra reason to do so because of this hashtag.

#SundayFunday: This hashtag encourages you to share whatever fun activity you have been engaged in or engaging in.

#LazySunday: This is used in showing friends and followers either how you relax or what you are doing during your downtime.


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#ManCrushMonday: This hashtag sees a lot of photos of male celebrities, models and athletes. Females are encouraged to make a post of a male they find attractive.

#MondayMotivation: This is a great hashtag for posting photos of motivational quotes to inspire yourself and others, especially as to getting back to work after the weekend.


#TransfomationTuesday: This involves posting pics and stories of growth over time. It could be photos of when you were younger and making comparisons to what you look like now or photos showing your fitness results.

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#TuesdayTip: Your audience and friends can appreciate some advice on related or specific issues, especially from someone who has the knowledge and experience. Sharing these tips benefit the audience.

#TongueOutTuesday: There’s nothing more adorable than a dog who’s smiling for the camera. One could share a photo of a pup with it’s tongue hanging out.


#WomanCrushWednesday: This is simply posting a picture of the gal or lady you are having a crush on.

#Wednesdaywisdom: While tips are given on Tuesday, the real nugget of wisdom should be left for Wednesday. This wisdom shared could be lengthy too.


#ThrowbackThursday: This involves posting anything that feels retro and nostalgic. Especially old photos. This hashtag is so popular and used on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


This is the last working day of the week and everyone is in a joyful mood. It is mostly a time to celebrate. Thus the popular Friday hashtag is the

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#FridayNight: Persons who enjoy living it up at the end of the week can share their Friday night fun with this hashtag.


This is the weekend!. Most persons could be out and about doing things, yet Saturday is still a great day to post. The Saturday tags include

#SaturdayShenanigans: Saturday is mostly the day to be having fun with friends and family. And this hashtag is used in sharing this fun.

#SaturdayNight: Saturday night is a big party night. And it is only natural to want to share the fun with your audience.

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