Everyone loves music, some see it as a way to cool off while to some, music has just become a part of their lives they can’t do without. If you have an ear for good music or you’re looking to expand your playlist/album, then I want to introduce you to how you can get free iTunes Music.ITUNES MUSIC

This article will also show you several free sites for downloading music online. It’s free for all so you can download music of your taste and save it on your cell phones.


Google also provides online music. It’s a free music website of Google. Android cell phones have a feature to download the Google antenna page, which is a short pack with selected songs, which you can simply update monthly. As this page will be loaded, there will be an icon with the words ‘Free Music’. Hit it and enjoy it.

This will display details of new songs with the file size in kbps. You can update or download by checking the space left on your cell phone. Google play service is a process with several steps. It is user-friendly as once you open the page it will guide you fully with steps where and how to go. You can play the song for thirty seconds to check its quality.

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Here are some tips for how to get free music for your iTunes and … Where to find free songs to fill up your phone or iTunes library.

Apple Music for Artists

Resources to record, release, and promote your music on Apple Music, and analytics to highlight how … Get your songs out of your head and into the world.

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Claim your artist page from either the Apple Music for Artists iOS app or website. To claim your page, we have to verify your identity (artist) or relationship …

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of free songs hiding in plain sight in the iTunes Music Store. … To browse podcasts, go to the iTunes Store and click the Podcasts …


We are provided with several free sites for music. Amazon has the best feature that can easily be sorted. It displays artist name and date of release too and also shows customer reviews about the service. It becomes easier for anyone to know about the service that needs iTunes.

Similar to Google play Amazon also gives you the first option to purchase the required song. If you want to purchase then, simply click the buy now button. People mostly prefer free one so hit the free button and follow the instructions.

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It’s quite simple compared to other sites. You just give a pathway where to download and simply press the arrow button to begin the download. No need of creating an account for this. Through FMA site one can hear the full song for quality.


Freegal is quite different from other websites of music. This site, however, does not display the top list of songs, but it gives the latest songs.

For this website, we need to be a member of that library participant. For downloading songs, you need to sign in from your library page. Then check the list of songs.

By a single click on the plus sign, you can download your required song. These download tracks will be saved in your download folder automatically. Due to some reasons if your songs are not saved you can re-download. This could be downloaded from the recent download folder. You have the facility to re-download songs more than two times.

So join free websites and enjoy the world of music according to your choice.

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