As our faces are different so are our choices. What I find interesting may not be interesting to you. So when it comes to picking the best Android apps, people’s diverse preferences come into play. So a compiled list of best Android apps is going to draw a lot of arguments.

A large number of mobile apps have been developed recently, apps that help one do almost everything. And apps that are used to do almost anything. With Android apps being the most popular, users have the tendency to rank them. Some are rated with five stars while some receive less.BEST ANDROID APPS

Just as movies can be classified into genres, there are many classifications of Android Apps. Grouping these apps help for easy referencing during discussions. One group is the Free Apps and the other comes with a price. While some may consider the free Apps as their first choice, others may think that anything free must be inferior. So grouping them in these two separate groups narrows down a large number of Android apps.

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Another method of classification is based on the nature of Android apps. It’s important to pinpoint the role they play in our everyday lives. In this group, we have Learning apps. These are apps used for educational purposes and have grown very popular. Kids and adults alike use these apps to enhance their knowledge and develop their intellectual mind. It all depends on what you want to learn so the argument for the best apps in this group continues.


Then there are the functional apps. Some may call it practical apps. They include fitness-tracking apps, weather apps and so on. These are very common these days as people use these apps to enhance their productivity and improve their mental health.

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When it comes to ranking apps, people are also going to consider whether it has additional in-app purchases or ads. While some may find this annoying, a few actually like ads on anything, and that includes apps. Some people don’t mind the in-app purchases as long as they are good enough.

Now the most popular Android apps we all know are the Gaming apps. For kids, gaming apps sometimes come together as a learning app.  Even for adults, learning through playing is common and it is becoming much more common in the smartphone age. One of the most popular and well-played apps are the real money casino app, the likes of Royal Vegas.

In a world of the almost uncountable number of apps, it can be hard for people to even name some of their favorites. It’s often just easier to name the unpopular apps. These apps have a unique quality and people will keep downloading them on their phones as long as it fulfills their desires.

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To Download Android app For your Android Device, users will have to visit their Play Store. You can click here to connect Android Google Play Store.

While you are in the store, you can download apps ranging from Game, social media, movies, fitness app, Weather and more.

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