Apple phone users have always enjoyed exclusive features that cannot be found on other devices. When it comes to photo editing, there are many apps but one was launched recently known as Prisma.

This is an image editing app that has transformed the history of picture editing by incorporating some ancient painting effect techniques. This has left all Apple and non-Apple phone users in awe.

Prism was launched at the iStore a few weeks ago, it can edit your pictures using a technique that makes your images look as if it was painted by some of the most renowned artists of the previous centuries including Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan and more.

In comparison to other picture editing apps or software, Prisma also provides filter based editing tools; the filters are not just any other regular, ordinary filters, the app is rather designed to use artificial intelligence to study the image and convert it into a stunning edited piece with detailed intricate designs, unlike those other conventional filters.

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To Download Prisma

Click here to download App

Though Prisma sounds like an app that is highly technical and requires some expertise to use, that’s not the case. Prisma is very user-friendly and easy to learn. Android users are waiting anxiously to see the Android version of Prisma, but it is quite unlikely that it would be any different than iOS.

Moreover, the app somehow seems to be a reflection of Instagram with a big circular shutter in the middle, a flash toggle and switching camera options along with an option to access your edited library.

You just need to download and install the Prisma app from the iStore, then go ahead and take a snapshot with your phone. You can also select an already taken picture from your gallery, crop it and search around to decide which effect appeals to you most, on the selected image.

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Once you decide which filter or effect you want to use, Prisma will process it for a few moments and then a spectacular masterpiece of an image will be displayed. The intensity of the filter applied to the image can be set to your satisfaction.

If you are a few of the lucky ones who own an iOS handheld device, you need to download Prisma from the Apple App Store and make your pictures look stunning. The rest of the Android users, however, will have to wait till Prisma is made available on the Android Store.

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