Scooper App | How to earn Money with Scooper?

Scooper app is a quick and reliable news app that makes use of both local and global content in your area of interest.  This platform offers you the opportunity to earn money as you listen to the news and other interesting packages.Scooper App | How to earn Money with Scooper?

When you visit the site, you get to see more special and outstanding features that make this app enjoyable. We will be talking about some of the interesting features of this app right in this article.

Features of Scoopers App

Let’s look at what you can possibly see on this app.

  1. The reply feature

On this particular feature, you are allowed to make comment in the comment box and then still be notified when their feedback comes.

  1. The virtual money feature

This feature enables you to make money when you read news feed often and also invite friends using your referral link.

  1. Personal newsfeed

You can make decisions on the type of newsfeed you what to see on a regular note. That is, when you select the “for you” button, it will show you regular news categories and the latest trending news. So from there, you can make the choice of what you want.

  1. Novels

You stand a chance of getting different kinds of novels that you want including thrillers, romantic novels, mystery, and short stories.

  1. Free football betting tips
  2. Live commentary
  3. And lot more.
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This app works out for you when you get the app on your device so that you can afford to read news and enjoy other enticing features.

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How to Earn Money with Scooper

This is talking about how you can afford to earn money with scooper. Thus, read news on scooper and earn a reward.

Scooper often gives users a point based on how they make use of the newsfeed within the app. So the more you read news, the more point you earn for yourself.

For you to get more than five points in a day which is equivalent to single news, you need to engage yourself in reading more news so as to fetch yourself more points. Being active on this platform can really also fetch you some points. This means that you contributed to the income program. To withdraw is not difficult. Now to withdraw, check out for the below steps.

  • Open your scoopers app
  • Click on “money” button
  • Pick “cash-out”
  • Select how you choose to cash out.
  • Confirm your receipt and wait for your payment. This payment service will take about 72 hours after applying for withdrawal before you will be offered the cash.

How to Download the App

To download this app is quite easy once you have your google play store or your app store ready. Just open up the app store and search for “scooper” using the search bar. Hit on the app and get it installed on your device. Like I said earlier that this app is compatible with your iOS device or your Android device, so you can get the app downloaded on your device.

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Note: In summary, when the month ends, that is when you can withdraw your money. Now the challenge is that you must have made at least 3000 points before you can withdraw.

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