The Benefits of a Password Management Policy

Initiating a solid and tough password management policy keeps both end-user and IT staff safe.

Absence of this can show that password resets can inconvenient in the field of technology, and this is applicable in both IT staff and other users as well. This problem is highly fashioned with negative implications.Password Management

Come to think of it, the reuse of weak, stolen passwords poses a significant hazard to companies and may cause data breaches. In recent times, Gartner has reported between 30% and 50% of all IT help desk calls to be linked to the problem of password resets.

As though that is not enough, employees must have to wait to receive a password reset. This is the number one reason you must have an essential password management policy as it secures your business and have streamline operations which can also help to maintain efficiency and as well sanity of employees.

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It is in the position of a quality password management policy to dictate the type of password to choose, and when to be used, how it should be used and when it needs to be updated. Also, it takes care of the measure in which employees and staff should take when a password is compromised.

Furthermore, it is basically ideal for employees to use secure password management programs like KeePass that can safely store all passwords which are protected using one master password.

However, after a rethink, we got to find out that there is a long solution and as well short-term solution to using this password management policy.

Thus, the short-term solutions possess employees to set reminders in Outlook or calendaring system to change their password before they expire. As well known that password will always expire and it is wise to change in order to continue usage of systems.

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While the Long-term solution is to implement a password reset portal for self-service password operations. However, with the use of password reset features over remote Desktop Web Access you get smooth networking for yourself, users and as well your organization.

A major tip that you should consider while choosing a password management policy is to ensure that it is communicated to both existing and new users, ensure that it is feasible and as well updated to meet the changing needs of the business. Thus cybersecurity should be a priority of every business.

Benefits of password management policy

  • Even with a good memory, you have not to worry about it since you have a capable password management policy. They will ensure they meet the best protection that incorporates the latest recommendations for secure passwords such as symbols, punctuations, long phrases and high case alphabets.
  • It gives fast access. Your team will spend less time struggling with login screens and password recovery, thereby engaging in the right business of the day faster.
  • It helps you to manage shared accounts.
  • A password manager like LastPass will make it easier for you to be in control of your cybersecurity by remembering logins and passwords for you.

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