National Geographic Educational Videos – makes your work easier.

There are many forms of learning but one of the most effective is the visual form. When people get to view what you’re teaching them, it makes your work easier. National Geographic provides educational videos for free on subjects ranging from Adventure to Travel.

You can watch National Geographic Educational Videos in two ways: Through their main video page and a new service (still in beta at the time of publishing) called Nat Geo TV. To watch full-length videos at Nat Geo TV, you’ll need to have a cable TV account and your cable TV provider has to participate in this service. It might turn out great for lots of people, but we’re going to focus on National Geographic’s main video page because it’s free and accessible to anyone.

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National Geographic Educational Videos

National Geographic’s

main video page offers hundreds of free videos that can play on full screen and are ad-free. The videos range in length from less than a minute to almost 10 minutes. There are several ways to sort the videos from the main page. You can sort the most popular, see the editor’s picks, or see what is newest. You can also sort via topic.

Topics Covered:

The topics covered are Adventure, Animals, Environment, History & Civilization, People & Culture, Photography, Science & Space.

Each section also has subsections so you can further narrow down what you’d like to see. For example, under Science & Space, you’ll find Anthropology, Earth, Health and Human Body, Prehistoric World, Space, and Weird Science. Each subsection is also sortable by most popular and newest. Of course, you can search via the site’s search box, too.

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One thing that is lacking is a way to queue up several videos so that one could watch several videos in a row of their choice.

Note: While some of their videos required Flash to play, others played just fine without Flash. For the best experience, it’s recommended to use a Flash-enabled device.


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