Best Password Manager App

It is wise for you not to think that you can always remember that your complex, long and unique password of the head. These passwords could be all your online accounts. This is why password manager which will remember each password of your account is important and need you to use. This will also ensure security and reduce risk in case of any data breach.   password manager

Though to secure your password with password manager will require a password but it is quite comprehendible because it will require just a single password. Generally, we can remember this singular password easier than having over so many passwords of the head. Over there, they are called “Master” password.

However, we will be setting out some password manager which is based on users’ review experience, their support from the platform. Though this password manager offers ideal packages as it is easy to use and also convenient for our password experience.

Some of the best Password Manager app

Last Pass

The last pass- has a reward as an easier to use a password manager app. This is because it is easier to use and support for major platforms. However, it is Full-featured web interface software which is inbuilt software on your browser. It supports a wide range of configured features and a low subscription per annum ($24 rate).  Though, its free version syncs with the numerous devices with almost the same features just as the paid version. Knowing that it is in your browser already, there is no need for you to install it on your browser extension.

Dash lane

Dash lane- one of the best password managers designed for desktop. This tool has the capacity to change your passwords on more than hundreds of websites.  In recent times, it was fully-added to support Linux and Chrome OS.

Unlike the Last Pass, this software has a price advantage because its free version is limited.


This password manager app is totally free on the desktop, having a relative cost of fee of $9.99 on Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows phones. To me, it handles basics which demand to sync your device through DROPBOX or iCloud.

We can tell that this mobile app is good at handling biometric logins.  This is an ideal app for the user to put their data online.


In as much that 1Password is available for windows and android users; it is a bit uneasy as it is most recent password managers. You can now sign up for a cloud subscription for a whole year for $36. Thus this can be used for the Killer feature. The price is $35 per annum.

Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is also an outstanding suite of personal password manager app. In as much as it is personal, it can as well be used by families for $12 per year. But using this as a family will deny you some features you will get as consumer-friendly such as the personal-data filing or bulk password changer.

There is no need for syncing, as it engages over Google Logins overtimes.


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