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Currently, when we talk about the HD Security camera, Vivint smart home outdoor camera is one of the newest smart cameras that is trending. However, security camera works in the same pattern in other to get you with visible reports on security and happenings in your home, offices, warehouse, shop, etc. grab more on how this camera helps you secure your life and properties against theft.HD Security Camera

Vivint Smart Home Outdoor HD Security Camera

The Vivint smart outdoor camera is not like every other conventional security cameras. You get to configure your phone with the camera thereby making it unique. This configuration gets you feedback at any point on your phone. It gets you notified whenever there is a motion sensor of an intruder on your property. Making use of Vivint is actually a good experience because it will give clear imagery, clear video, and advanced analytics.

Features of this security camera have really differentiated itself from another outdoor camera which happens to produce blur pictures compared to Vivint smart outdoor camera. You can hardly see a camera that does not pick blurry images, unnecessary notification on any items picked such as animals or shadows, faulty licenses. Now let’s look into the unique features of Vivint camera.

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Features of Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera

Alarm Alert:

Immediately the camera detects a lurker, the camera does not just start recording but will activate the red light on the camera along with a loud warning tone through the 85 dB speaker. This speaker should not be kept to the reach of the burglar for them to experience. This will help to detect any form of threat on your property.

Notification Based on Your Preference:

This feature helps you to choose the mode at which you want to receive a notification on your phone. Any format you want to check on your property even when no one is seen or at the cause of a lurker detected.

Identifying Lurkers:

Vivint smart security camera recognizes who a lurker is depending on the capture on the line of the vision of the camera. Now the outdoor Pro uses a Hybrid Wired WIFI connection with the flexibility of wireless. This feature enhances a reliable connection which helps to deliver smooth and fast video with less delay and fast transmission.

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Getting Real Threats:

Vivint smart camera PRO makes use of high and advances analytics which helps to differentiate between been a threat and other objects like animals, random passerby, etc.

Getting Specific Coverage:

With the Vivint Smart Home app, you get to control and choose the specific areas that you need it to enhance its coverage. Any area you pick is your chosen area. You can decide to get coverage in the garage, backyard, store, etc. this covers the areas you pointed out for coverage.

Capture with Night Vision on an Expanded View:

This camera has an enhanced view at night to help capture lurkers. Thus the outdoor camera PRO has a wild range coverage 140°field covering the entire property giving it a good capture. It’s high infrared enhances its night vision sensor to capture all the activities of the night and day.

Thus, Vivint smart home outdoor camera Pro gets you with the clearest pictures.


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