State Farm – reliable home security monitoring system

State Farm - reliable home security monitoring system

Do you need a very reliable home security monitoring system? If so, you are about to get one. The State Farm Home Security Monitoring Systems is a very reliable company. State Farm helps keep your home very safe and secure. She has even partnered with ADT Pulse and Lowes (Iris Smart Kit) to give their customers lots of discounts from each provider. To ensure your family`s safety, secure your home with State Farm Home Monitoring Systems. It will be the best decision you will make concerning your family`s safety.

State Farm - reliable home security monitoring system

Home Security and Burglar Alarm Systems – State Farm® › home-alarm-system-options

Security and burglar alarms systems help deter burglars and protect your home. Learn more about monitored systems and security alarms.

Stay Connected to Your Home, Wherever You Go – State Farm® › simple-insights › smart-ideas

Security and burglar alarms systems help deter burglars and protect your home. Learn more about monitored systems and security alarms.

Help Control Your Home’s Safety With Your Smartphone › simple-insights › residence

In some cases, monitoring homes remotely can be a minimal, do-it-yourself effort by using products that provide a single device you can control from your phone.

Protect your budget with homeowners insurance discounts › … › Discounts

You may qualify for homeowners insurance discounts if you have installed fire, smoke, or burglar alarms or any other home monitoring system.


States Farm is giving a 10% discount

to her new customers who choose their home protection services at ADT. 10% well applies to installation and monthly service fees. Customers as well get additional insurance discounts up to 10% for homeowners and 15% for renters. The discount you get is dependent on the type of home security system you choose. Some of the options include protection from fire outbreaks and water damage. Choose the option you like but you can as well choose all.

Moreover, ADT gives a system component for all your entrances including thermostat monitoring, energy monitoring, smoke and carbon monoxide, water damage, windows, video monitoring, glass break detection, and medical alert system for the elderly.  This simply means that your house will be safe on daily basis without interruption. Whenever there is any threat, the police will be called.

It is important for customers to know

that choosing ADT means that they must sign a 3 years contract. It is after the 3 years that you can choose to cancel the offer or continue. If you are not comfortable with a compulsory 3 years contract, you can go for the Lowes Iris Smart Kit. They do not demand a 3 years contract from, customers. Their services are quite cheaper and more flexible than ADT services. They have a premium service of $9.99 per month and it does not even demand any contract. State Farm customers get a $25 discount on the Iris Smart Kit and a $10 discount on Iris Safe & Secure Kit. The insurance discount for homeowners is 2% while for renters is 7%. The cost of getting a Kit is $179.

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Furthermore, Iris handles self-installation and does not need any professional service at all. It offers exactly the same security services as ADT BU HAS NO Medical Alert System for the elderly. When there is a security threat, it will call you as well as the police. The most interesting aspect of it is its portability and the fact that you can always remove it and take it to your next home.

Before you choose any of the State Farm Home Monitoring System options, carefully weigh all the pros and cons of each of them.

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